Also, to update Cosmo Macero Jr’s story from this morning regarding the Herald going to a pay format for its columnists, his story seemed to indicate that the pricing would be $4.95 per month, per columnist, as indicated by the following quotes:

Readers of, in coming weeks, will have the choice of paying $4.95 for monthly subscriptions to each of their favorite columnists (pick me!), or $9.95 for three months


Now I've got to hope a respectable number of people fork over $4.95 a month just for me?

However, I’m now told that the $4.95 per month would be for all columnists, not each one individually.

In addition, as regards the ticket information below, it does appear that the Red Sox changed their announced plans for the sale of the tickets. The process as worded in their release:

To accommodate as many Red Sox fans as possible, the tickets will be available Saturday to single-game purchasers for a maximum of two games at a limit of four tickets for New York Yankees games and eight tickets for games against all other opponents. If any tickets remain following Saturday's initial sale, which concludes at 5 p.m., they will be available at the Fenway Park ticket office--as well as by calling (877) RED-SOX9--beginning at 9 a.m. Monday. After Saturday's initial sale, there will be no restrictions on the number of tickets that may be purchased.

From that, it looks like phone sales would only be for tickets not sold at the ticket office on Saturday.

As for the EBay tickets…feel free to go ahead and complain to EBay about the tickets violating their terms, but don’t expect the auctions or tickets to be yanked.