The sports media self-flagellation continued today when Dan Shaughnessy targeted Bill Simmons on Mike Barnicle’s morning show on WTKK. Referring to him as a “nitwit”, Shank said that Simmons has “never done anything except take shots at people in his basement.”

Clark Booth was among the guests on Dale & Nuemy. He commented on the media circus, claiming that Buckley and Shaughnessy haven’t spoken in 20 years. Then then went onto attack Pedro. Missed Booth’s comments on Pedro on WEEI today? Well essentially it was a rehash of a column he had in the Dorchester Reporter, where he says:

He is unquestionably brilliant, stylish and a gifted showman as well as a world-class performer.

And he is also arrogant, vain, self-centered, bombastic and an accomplished con-job as well as a world-class prima donna.

Moreover, as the sainted pet of the media which dares not offend so precious a source of delicious controversy and terrific quotes, he gets away with murder. Management further compounds the problem by molly-coddling him, ever fearful of ruffling his feathers. It is all so desperately silly.

The Big Show opened with Glenn Ordway proclaiming today’s program to be a tribute to black history month with Larry Johnson and Levan Reid onboard. He joked that next week they’ll get back to all white guys…

Kevin Brockway has a Q&A with Theo Epstein for the Scripps Howard News Service. Garry Brown hits to all fields.

Bill Simmons counters an earlier piece that asserted that today’s NBA was better than the 1980’s version. Simmons presents game 4 of the 1984 NBA Finals as Exhibit “A” that the league was infinitely better back then.