No major stories stick out today. That can be seen by the fact that Dennis and Callahan were talking almost exclusively politics this morning. Toni Smith is predictably the target of a Callahan diatribe. A Bruins tie is cause for celebration. Kevin Paul Dupont chronicles the game in which the Bruins fell behind several times before rallying to tie the game. Stephen Harris labels the Bruins effort “terrific, gutsy,” Joe McDonald also looks at the back and forth contest. Douglas Flynn says that the tie stayed the execution of coach Ftorek. Bill Guerin was the focus of a lot of attention, and Andy Nesbitt and Joe Gordon report on the Wilbraham native’s return to face the team he played most of the last two seasons with. Steve Conroy looks at Brian Rolston’s role in the comeback last night. Karen Guregian returns to hockey and says Ftorek and O’Connell are on the hot seat. She manages to devote 39 paragraphs to this subject. That nudges out Jim Donaldson, who can only muster 38 paragraphs on the same topic. Harris’ notebook says the players are clearly in Ftorek’s corner. Dupont’s notebook looks at Rolston and the Ftorek firing rumors. McDonald’s notebook has more on Guerin’s return.

Gordon Edes does an article on Ramiro Mendoza, who is feeling good, and guess what…wants to prove his old team was wrong for not bringing him back. Howard Bryant has a peek at the Red Sox cross-town partners in Fort Myers, the Twins, who are the opposite of the Red Sox in that they stress defense over offense or on base percentage. David Heuschkel looks at Ryan Rupe trying to fit in with his new teammates after being their adversary last year. Jeff Horrigan looks at Juan Pena, still trying to come back from Tommy John surgery and wanting to get his career back on track. Steven Krasner says Doug Mirabelli is content to be Jason Varitek’s backup. Horrigan’s notebook has the team getting ready for the preseason opener tomorrow night, happy about the relative lack of controversy. Sean McAdam’s notebook says you’ll see a lot of players in and out during the exhibition season. Edes leads off his notebook with word of the Monster seats going on sale this weekend.

Tom Curran reports on Bill Belichick coming back from the combine, where the defensive line talent was deep, and also reports on Marc Edwards wanting to get a bigger deal than the Patriots are willing to offer at the moment. Michael Felger reports that the Patriots and Willie McGinest have just about agreed to a restructuring of his contract that will allow him to finish his career here. Felger also notes towards the end that “Belichick inherited a bad contract with Milloy and an awful one with Law.” I’m pretty sure Milloy signed his deal after Belichick came aboard as head coach…

Mark Murphy thinks JR Bremer might be hitting the rookie wall. Peter May explores the Celtics struggles at home. Christopher Price looks at the Celtics struggles on the offensive end. Murphy’s notebook has the team looking to improve on the defensive end as well.