After logging another DNP-CD, Vin Baker will sit down with the Celtics today to discuss once again what his future is. Shira Springer drops the bombshell, however as, citing “sources close to the situation” she reports he will be suspended for at least two weeks for alcohol-related issues. Jackie MacMullan cites Springer as her source in discussing what happens next in this disastrous situation for the Celtics. MacMullan writes a balanced, thoughtful piece on the subject, focusing on Baker the person, rather than Baker the salary cap albatross. Meanwhile, Mark Murphy knows the Celtics are sitting down to talk with Baker, but there is no mention of alcohol, instead the ongoing “medical issues” which lead to speculation of a buyout or medial retirement. As for the game itself, Walter McCarty was the hero hitting a late three to give the Celtics a two point lead. After trading a hoop and a couple free throws, the lead was still two with 4 seconds to go. After pushing Pierce to the floor, Reggie Miller got a wide open three. Jim O’Brien’s thoughts were the same as mine, and likely yours. “We lose”. Miller, however, airballed it. Peter May wraps the game for us, noting that the Celtics still feel they can win the Atlantic, and have that as their goal. Steve Bulpett reports on the game for the Herald. Carolyn Thornton looks at the importance in the game of the man Antoine calls the team MVP…McCarty. With the low score and general ugliness of the game, you’d think Ron Artest was out there, causing havoc, but as Murphy explains, Isiah Thomas and the Pacers are trying to show Artest “tough love”. Artest is also the lead topic of the Globe notebook. Bulpett’s notebook addresses the issue of Isiah’s coaching in the all star game, specifically the minutes he gave (or didn’t give) to Pierce and Walker.

Howard Bryant writes a lengthy look at an unrepentant Dan Duquette. Twins GM Terry Ryan is about the only baseball executive in the piece that was willing to attach his name to items, but then again, he has mostly positive things to say about the Duke. On the one year anniversary of the new ownership, the Herald has a couple articles looking at the tenure to this point. Tony Massarotti asserts that we still don’t know if these guys are here for the long term, and that they can only prove themselves by sticking around and winning. Steve Buckley tries to be a bit more positive by saying that this group has shown that they have a vision and have made great strides in one year. Derek Lowe’s diet is the other big story of the day, with no less than four stories talking about it. David Heushckel notes that Lowe was a man of routine in his eating habits last year, with trips each day to Dunkin Donuts and Bertucci’s, and hopes to continue. Steven Krasner says that routine helped Lowe find a comfort zone. Jeff Horrigan and Bob Hohler repeat the tale. (Not to totally nitpick, but Krasner and Horrigan report that the Bertucci’s is in Braintree, while Hohler claims that it is in Kenmore Square. There is no Bertrucci’s in Kenmore Square.) Gordon Edes writes about David “Dan Shaughnessy called me a ‘huge sack of you-know-what’ on several occasions” Ortiz, who, as Edes notes was by far the most popular player in the Twins clubhouse last year. Sean McAdam’s notebook has Grady Little saying he just wants the team to be healthy and lists out the pitching rotation for the next few days. Bob Hohler’s notebook looks at Ryan Rupe battling for a bullpen slot. Horrigan’s notebook also has Little wanting a healthy squad and Horrigan gets to be the first to use the “Missing Person report” heading in a column after Robert Person missed workouts for personal reasons.

Nick Cafardo speculates on what the Patriots might be shopping for in free agency. He lists possibilities at all the teams positions of need. Michael Felger also looks at the shopping list. Both articles also report that the team has signed long snapper Lonnie Paxton of snow angel fame to a five year contract totalling about three million, making him the highest paid long snapper in the history of football. Felger lists the terms of the deal, while Cafardo says they are unknown. Ron Borges looks at the free agent market for MSNBC.

Bruins/Rangers will be on ESPN tonight at 8:00. TNT has Rockets/Wizards at 7:00 and Kings/Mavs at 9:30. ESPN2 has Marquette/Louisville at 8:00 and Hawaii/Tulsa at 10:00