Steve Buckley needs to get over himself. For not the first time, Buckley makes himself a pivotal player in his column, for the second time this week, he’s responding to a column written in the Globe. Message to Buck…if the fans have to choose between you and Nomar, guess who they’re going to choose? When we open the sports page, we’re looking to read about the players and the teams, not about your spats with rival columnists and star athletes. He does manage a nice little swipe at Shaughnessy though:

And this week in Fort Myers, when he had a private session with trusted Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy, who drummed up a nice piece about the All-Star shortstop

At least I think it’s a shot…I’ve never seen the words “trusted” and “Shaughnessy” in the same sentence before…Buckley goes on to find an official scorer who will say on the record that Nomar once complained about a scoring…but the guy can’t remember when, he says “I’m almost positive it was last year,” But isn’t Buckley’s point that Nomar does this all the time ? How regular can it be when this guy, who admittedly is only a backup, can only vaguely remember one incident?

What exactly did Buck prove here? His original column was taking Nomar to task for going to Charles Scoggins and complaining…but that part still isn’t true. Buckley is mad that Nomar called him a liar for it. Showing that Nomar went to another scorer at some point in the recent past to complain doesn’t validate his article last September which was based on Nomar going to Scoggins. Buckley concludes:

For the record, I wanted to let this die.

Nomar wants to keep it on the table.

What a crock. You’re loving this, Buckley. You get to be the center of attention once again and make appearances on all the local shows, be on Sports Final this Sunday, and basically make more money. Maybe WFAN will have you on again.

Back to Shaughnessy for a minute. Not only does most of Boston dislike the guy, but he’s ticked off Florida residents as well. Carrie Johnson of the St. Petersburg Times writes about local uproar by residents to Shaughnessy’s description of their fair city in a recent column.

Tony Massarotti and David Heuschkel also look at Nomar being the spotlight. Massarotti’s piece is about how Nomar is constantly on edge, almost scared. Jeff Horrigan also weighs in, making the point that Nomar doesn’t like change, and that includes leaving Boston.

Shea Hillenbrand is the other story of the day, Bob Hohler looks at Shea’s arrival and that he is ready to once again battle to prove himself and reclaim his job. Jeff Horrigan says Hillenbrand is ready to put the offseason talk behind him. Steven Krasner says it looks like first base for Hillenbrand, but knows that nothing is going to be handed to him. David Heuschkel’s second article of the day also looks at Hillenbrand. Krasner also looks at Trot Nixon, who has given up chewing tobacco and attributes his weight gain over the offseason to it. D&C were ripping on Nixon this morning for being out of shape.Krasner has a brief sidebar on the upcoming meeting between Nixon and former combatant-turned-teammate Ryan Rupe. Hohler reports that the construction on the seats above the wall has been delayed. Hohler’s notebook says don’t expect any changes in Nomar’s batting style. Horrigan’s notebook has Tom Werner saying he wants Pedro to wind up a Red Sox for rest of his career. In Kranser’s notebook, Nomar says his wrist feels good. The Inside Track updates us on Red Sox romance.

Jeff Jacobs says Ephedrine should be banned by MLB. Michael Mutnansky also has a really good take on the substance, he’s had personal experience with it.

Don’t look for any major deals from the Celtics today. I write that in hopes that they can surprise me and in fact do something to help themselves. Steve Bulpett runs down a few minor possibilities. Shira Springer says that passing is what is leading to success on this road trip for the Celtics. She also gives some notes on a trade for Mark Blount.

Michael Felger reports that the Patriots will likely be slapping the franchise tag on Tebucky Jones, possibly as early as today. He also gives an update on the playing status of Miami RB Willis McGahee as he preps for the draft. Michael Smith also reports on Jones getting tagged, and adds an update on Marc Edwards. Tom Curran weighs in on Jones, and also gives updates on Ted Johnson and Anthony Pleasant.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks at the 1-1 tie managed by the Bruins last night in Carolina. Steve Conroy also reports on the game. Mike O’Connell doesn’t totally disagree with PJ Stock’s pointed comments in the paper yesterday, as reflected in the Globe notebook. There’s more in the Herald notebook as well.

TNT has Celtics/Kings at 10:00 TNT also has Pacers/Nets at 7:30. ESPN has the NHL with either Colorado at Pittsburgh or Los Angeles at Philadelphia at 8:00. ESPN2 has Wake Forest/Georgia Tech at 7:00 and Charlotte/Marquette at 9:00. FSNE has California/UCLA at 10:30