The topic to lead with today is not another pathetic Bruins performance, nor yet another don’t-give-Pedro-the-money column, this time by Dan Shaughnessy, but the startling word from Jim Baker that the Mike Adams morning show is being yanked. Coming in it’s place? None other than (to paraphrase CHB) “thanksdad” Andelman. (or as he’s already being called on the tagboard..”mini-me”) Yep, that’s right, Michael Andelman is being lined to be handed the 6-10 am slot along with his current “Saturday Shakedown” hosts – Kevin Winter and Ryan Risillo. A couple people on the Tag Board here were talking last week about that Saturday show and that they enjoyed it. I’ll give it a fair shot. I do feel bad for Adams, who I think never got the people around him that he needed in order to succeed.

Links were a little delayed as I had to shovel the 10 feet of snow first. Seriously, the end of my driveway, where the plows go by and fill in, was up to my armpits and I’m 6’5″. This is insane.

I’m not even touching the Bruins.

Thinking warm thoughts…let’s go to Florida. Tony Massarotti has a nice column on Pedro Martinez working with Casey Fossum. Pedro sees a lot of himself in Fossum, and has a pitching coach-like mentality around him, analyzing his delivery, spotting flaws and offering advice on adjustments. In looking over the red Sox roster, Gordon Edes is disturbed over the fact that the Red Sox do not have a single African-American projected as an everyday player or starting pitcher. A little puzzling, as if several of their players were born in the US rather than in the Dominican, this wouldn’t be an issue. Gerry Callahan likes Todd Walker and questions fans who are pining for Rey Sanchez. Callahan was also gushing about David Ortiz on the radio this morning…how much fun the guy is having, how pleasant he seems…yep the same Ortiz that Shaughnessy has referred to on a number of occasions as “a huge sack of you know what”. Steven Krasner looks at forgotten man, Frank Castillo, who has something to prove. David Heuschkel looks at a sleeper candidate to be a lights out guy in the bullpen; Chad Fox. A good look at the hardships Fox has faced, from losing his brother to cancer, to the injuries he’s had. Heuschkel also reports that the Sox are close to a contract with Millar. Jeff Horrigan also looks at Fox and how though he is from Houston, he jumped at the chance to play for the Red Sox. Lenny Megliola promises not to complain about the weather on opening day, no matter how raw it is. Bob Hohler reports about Walker and Ortiz are united in their dislike for their former Twins manager, Tom Kelly. Karen Guregian criticizes the Red Sox for not making a harder push to sign Tom Glavine in the offseason. Jon Couture tries to keep an open mind about Sabremetrics while musing over spring traditions. Massarotti looks at Ortiz, and how winter ball prepared him for playing in Boston. Krasner has a brief blurb on an annual event…new guy wants the uniform number that someone else already has. Edes reports on John Henry Williams’ latest baseball venture. Hohler’s notebook looks ahead to Manny’s arrival, Ramirez is ticked off at the Boston media for how they’ve treated him…as he should be. Horrigan’s notebook gets reaction to the tragedy in the Baltimore camp, and a Millar contract update. Krasner’s notebook has an interesting tidbit in how Pedro led to Ortiz signing with Boston, and some other assorted notes.

Shaughnessy and Bill Reynolds had Pedro articles, but it’s nothing you haven’t read already, or hear ad nauseam on radio and TV.

Bob Ryan says watch out for the Warriors. I actually can’t remember the last time the Celtics won on the Warriors home floor. (It was 1995, but I still don’t remember that) Steve Bulpett looks at the Celtics getting a little rest, and also addresses the Mark Blount trade rumors which surfaced last week on insider.

John Molori bounces around on a number of national media topics. has redone their homepage, with the focus on video. You need a broadband connection, and once you install a plugin, streaming content is automatically downloaded when available so that you have a TV-like quality in the video streams.

FSNE has Celtics/Warriors at 10:30. TNT has Rockets/Lakers at 10:30, but Shaq is likely out, so no rematch with Yao tonight. ESPN has Michigan St/Illinois at 7:00 and Alabama/Georgia at 9:00. ESPN2 has St. Johns/Syracuse at 7:00.