Baseball continues to be the hot topic. Howard Bryant provides the second in his three part look at Red Sox management. This article is an in depth look at why the Sox wanted Billy Beane so desperately, and we hear from Beane why he turned down the job. Tony Massarotti , trying to be the Ron Borges of baseball, scolds Boston fans for thinking that the Yankees getting involved in the Colon deal had anything to do with the Red Sox. He says: “You have to wonder sometimes if Red Sox fans ever will get it, if they ever will realize that they are nothing more than an unwanted speck of lint on those dapper, deep blue baseball caps in the depths of the Bronx. Rivalry? What rivalry? In New York they must see it for what it is, an inferiority complex of the highest magnitude.” Is that really the case? “Sure, and the Cross Bronx Expressway is paved with gumdrops”, says Bob Hohler who notes that Brian Cashman smugly called it “a fringe benefit” that they were able to keep Colon from Boston. David Heuschkel says you can pretty much forget about getting Vazquez as well. He notes also that the Red Sox are indeed on the Yankees radar screen. Christopher Price thinks the Sox should take a run at Vazquez anyway. Michael Silverman speculates that the Sox might show interest in Kenny Rogers. (ugh) Massarotti’s second article of the day indicates that that Kevin Millar will want to come to Boston, and all that needs to be done is to work out a deal with the Japanese club. So where Edes and Hohler onto something yesterday? It seems that might be the case, and the other writers and media people mocking Theo, saying he looked “foolish” and Millar was saying there would be “no way” he would come to Boston, might themselves look a bit foolish. John Tomase says that the Sox could now get Millar for nothing…(from yesterday) Either way, Millar is a minor piece. Breaking the “unwritten protocol” was fine, despite the protestations of people like Eddie Andelman, who mocked the move, and guys like Greg Dickerson who said strongly on FSNE that by doing that Theo is going to make enemies around the league. Right. As Massarotti points out, “the Florida Marlins already have been compensated for the player. The Marlins received $1.2 million from the Dragons when they relinquished their rights to the player.” So just why would the Marlins be mad at Theo? They already received what they were going to get. Hohler also catches up with Casey Fossum, who’s encouraged by the Red Sox faith in him.

The Celtics might be the only team in the league that is still frustrating to watch when they’re up by 22 points. For all the talk about Walker and Pierce needing rest, why did Walker play the majority of the fourth quarter? Why did Paul Pierce check back into the game with under 6 minutes left? Why don’t they use that “garbage” time to run plays for Kedrick Brown and get him accustomed to the taking shots and scoring in the NBA? Why doesn’t the media covering the team mention any of this? Instead, Shira Springer writes about the Celtics taking care of business and getting a “must win”. (And where is her editor? “After dropping two of their last 10 before facing the Hawks,”) Steve Bulpett notes that the entire fourth quarter was garbage time, but doesn’t question why Pierce and Walker played during it. I’m still scratching my head over this. These guys need rest. There is also the risk of injury. Peter May addresses the Hawks “playoff guarantee” noting that the Hawks switchboard still greets callers with “Thank you for calling the playoff-bound Atlanta Hawks.” Rob Bradford takes a look at J.R. Bremer, consulting someone who coached against him in college last year. Mark Murphy also looks at Bremer, noting his point guard skills. Murphy also wonders if Mikki Moore has another 10 day contract coming to him. Springer’s notebook checks in with Celtic hopeful Grant Long, while Bulpett’s notebook leads discussing Tony Battie’s cranky knee.

The Bruins continue their struggles. Stephen Harris and Nancy Marrapese-Burrell recap the 3-0 loss in Florida. Harris’ notebook contains the latest Kyle McLaren trade rumor, while Marrapese-Burrell’s notebook looks at the debut of Martin Samuelsson.

Nick Cafardo reports on Will McDonough’s funeral yesterday. Kevin Mannix looks at bulletin board material provided to Tampa by the Eagles Brian Mitchell. Michael Smith profiles the Titans’ Frank Wycheck. George Kimball notes that the Raiders really don’t have a backup quarterback with any experience.

Here’s something that annoys me. Looks like the Super Bowl DVD this year is going to be a huge improvement over the past. Full Broadcast of the game, AFC and NFC radio tracks, pre and post game coverage, the works. Any chance they can go backwards and re-do last years?

TNT has Magic/Wizards at 7:30 and Jazz/Sonics at 10:00. ESPN has Red Wings/Avalanche at 9:00. FSNE has BC/BU hockey at 7:00 and Arizona/USC college hoops at 10:30. ESPN2 has BC/North Carolina State hoops at 7:00, and Louisville/East Carolina at 9:00.