I’ve received a lot of requests from people who want to know about the Whineys and the Hot Stove Cool Music events last night.

Bob from NH reports:

“Duquette was a really good sport. Took the whole “Digital Dan Duquette” and “We spent more time in first place….” jokes with class.

Pete Sheppard was a drunken sweaty mess. He presented an award with Chris Nilan and Nilan kept wiping the sweat of Pete’s face. Nilan turned his attention to Freddy Smerlas who was at the side of the stage and appeared to be trying to coax him into a brawl (all in good fun.)

Dale Arnold pulled the “Voice of Dale Arnold” off the stage when the guy started going into an extended imitation of him. He was kidding, but I think he was also a little annoyed. Before that presentation, Lenny Clarke
made reference to “the old Chinese Food guy.” He said he must be dead because nobody can find him on the radio anymore.

They had an ice sculpture of the “Big-O.” It was just like the Larry Johnson cartoon that they have on their website. While Glen was standing in front of it I went up to him and said “That gargoyle ice sculpture is scary
as hell.”

Smerlas was decked out in a tux and a huge 10 gallon cowboy hat. DeOssie was a pink-faced as ever.

Frank from Gloucester wore a Yankees cap, a sport jacket, and a Foxy Lady t-shirt. He said one of the secrets of staying young is to go the Foxy Lady twice a week.

Felger and his beautiful wife Sarah Underwood gave a good natured presentation. It was centered around his “Douchebag” nickname and how she can’t bring herself to say the word.

Voice of Harry Caray is actual a very normal looking guy but the rest of the callers were all nut-jobs. Jim the Wrestling goon showed up in a pair of Elvis style shades and a fur coat.

Larry Johnson was presented with a humongous sandwich”

Another version of the night can be found on the KFFL message board.

Reuben e-mailed in to add: “What D&C said this a.m. for the 15 minutes I heard them, about the whiners being pretty lame, and esp. King Lenny, was pretty accurate. Dale can say all he wants, but he pulled that guy off the stage because he was getting into Andelman material. Shephard wasn’t as bad as they made him out to be.”

As for the Peter Gammons event, The Boston DirtDogs site has a report of the event.