Eddie Andelman started his show today going ballistic about another station… He said “I’m glad I got the hell out of there when I did.” He goes on “I’ve been far too quiet for too long and I’m going to sink their ship.” He’s outraged about alleged negative comments toward Will and Sean McDonough. I’m not sure who he is talking about. He said he’s going to the management and clean their clocks. He likened some of the people at that station to pedophiles and murderers. Also said that there are “druggies” on the air over there and Will should have called them out when he was alive. When a caller said he agreed with Eddie and that “that afternoon show is horrible” Eddie said “not that station.” (It appears it was WEEI’s Entercom sister station WRKO that inspired this. An e-mailer tells me “Ozone” is the target of this wrath) Eddie then went on a tangent that sports just aren’t worth it anymore, all the owners care about is making money. Ticket prices are outrageous and not worth the price. He continued his very tired tirade against the owners of the Red Sox.

Dale & Neumy (Along with the Touchdown twins) spent most of their time discussing Willis McGahee, and his decision to come out for the NFL draft despite his serious injury. They all went back and forth for hours on whether his earning capacity is better if he comes out now and makes some money, tries for a bigger deal in a couple years, or stays in school, rehabs and tries to come out later.

About the only thing that I have heard that could be construed as negative against Will on WEEI was when Glen Ordway raised the point yesterday that Will McDonough is lauded for his loyalty, even when its being loyal to Connolly or the Bulgers. The Big O asked how you would feel about Will if you were a relative of one of the people Whitey Bulger allegedly whacked.

Nick Cafardo’s weekly mailbag from last week is finally up. Where do some of these questions come from? Hector Longo says the Chad Pennington myth is dead. Jon Couture feels the same as I do about the Jets. Scary. Bill Burt says that Steve Mariucci is done with the 49ers. Gregg Easterbrook says to ease up on the officials in his Tuesday Morning Quarterback column. He also looks at some of the coaching decisions over the weekend.