So just what was Eddie all ticked off about today? Well, a number of you have provided details on the matter, here’s a sampling of three:

Dave Lane writes:

“Eddie’s comments quite likely are about EEI’s sister station, in the same building as EEI, WRKO. Yesterday “Ozone” (John Oster-something) went off on McDonough and his counterparts at WEEI, calling them a bunch of hypocrites for slamming the Globe and McDonough for the last 3 or so years ever since the Globe pulled their writers from the station, and then sucking up to Will once he retired and was able to come on EEI again. He referred to McDonough as a nasty, vindictive SOB with an agenda and used the term “MF” at least once, also referring several times to some of McDonough’s more notorious pals (Barnicle, the Bulgers, Connolly, etc.) Mr. Ozone, a former rock DJ, has had similar problems with the law as Mike Adams in the past.”

Mike from Southie writes in:

“I think Eddie’s rant was against Blute and Ozone on WRKO. For starters, Ozone could be the “druggie” reference unless you want to consider the entire on air staff at WAAF. This morning at about 7:15, Ozone said the more suitable venue for the Will memorial was Florian Hall (Sean’s ran into the wall there and Will quashed the investigation). Later, Blute, Ozone & Howie Carr laughed about the over/under on how many people would show up at the Fleet. Howie said the memorial should be held at one of Whitey Bulger’s death pits. The only negative reference I’ve heard in WEEI was a mention of Will’s column on Butch from the Cape. The day after Butch died, Will gave some details on Butch’s life that implied he was a RAT. ”

BK says:

“He was mainly talking about the WRKO morning show, which has basically used this John Connolly thing to slam McDonough at every chance they get. I think what might have happened is that this dumbass caller “Angry Bill” might have called the morning show and basically repeated what he said on Friday evening at about 6:25 on Howie Carr. He called a Will a legend in his own mind and talked about how I guess Will got Sean out of the mess at Florian Hall and then something about his other son Terry. Howie Carr let him go and then kind of distanced himself from the comments. But my guess is that somebody heard “Angry Bill”‘s call and got upset. When the hosts don’t refute what he says, I guess the implication is that they agree. Incidentally, Angry Bill, that nitwit, is upset because Will wrote a note about Butch from the Cape being a stool pigeon in the mob after he died. I guess this is his tit for tat.”