Nick Cafardo gets reaction from the Patriots five Pro Bowl selections, as well as several Buffalo selections, including of course, Drew Bledsoe. I need to clarify something I said yesterday about Cafardo, I used the word “lazy” when describing the article he wrote on the crowd noise at Gillette. It wasn’t meant to say that Nick is a lazy reporter, but that sometimes I find the whole idea of taking a topic that you’ve spent your afternoon talking about on sports radio and making it the subject of your column the next day in the newspaper lazy. Steve Buckley is the master of this practice. Gerry Callahan is outraged that Tom Brady didn’t make the Pro Bowl. He’s had a better year than Bledsoe, and really has nothing to work with, as Callahan breaks it down. Michael Felger has a touching story of Joe Andruzzi’s friendship with a cancer patient. Alan Greenberg notes that David Patten, like his teammates, isn’t making the plays he made last year. Ian Clark though, notes that Patten is having a career year, from a statistical standpoint. Frank Dell’Apa looks at the importance of the Jets game Sunday. Paul Kenyon looks ahead to the first matchup of Tom Brady and Chad Pennington. Felger looks at the release of Steve Martin. Loose lips sink ships, he says. Greenberg also takes a look at the Patriot Pro Bowl selections. Cafardo’s notebook looks at the injury to Otis Smith and the release of Martin. Felger’s notebook looks at Smith’s injury and the Pro Bowl selections. Kenyon’s notebook also looks at the departures of Smith and Martin from the active roster. Leigh Montville makes his weekly picks.

So Cliffy isn’t coming back. So be it. Bob Hohler examines the impact Floyd’s declining arbitration will have on the Red Sox. Michael Silverman reports that the Sox are actually very relieved that Floyd decided to decline. He looks ahead to what moves the Sox will now make. David Heuschkel also looks at Floyd and what is next. Using parts of Theo Epstein’s interview with Dale & Neumy yesterday, Art Martone looks ahead to the non-tender free agents. Steve Buckley looks at whats ahead for John Henry Williams and his baseball career. Lenny Megliola looks at former Patriot Ron Burton’s life these days as the Red Sox go into partnership with Burton’s training village. Bob Ryan looks at the Pete Rose mess. Paul Doyle remembers Dr. Strangeglove, Dick Stuart.

Stephen Harris looks at another Bruins loss, the good news is, they at least showed signs of life in the third period of this one. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell reports that the Bruins dressing room was upbeat after the loss. If the Patriots were upbeat after a loss, I think that would be reported as a negative… James Murphy looks at Joe Thornton hitting a crossroads of his career, can he handle the pressure that comes with team struggles while he is the captain? Harris’ notebook looks at Brian Rolston trying to change his luck, and Marrapese-Burrell’s notebook says surgery is in the cards for Samsonov.

Stan Grossfeld recounts the fascinating tale of Bevo Francis. I don’t know about you, but I always get Bevo Francis mixed up with Hank Luisetti. Hmmm, I’m turning into the Steve Buckley of basketball here, bringing up names from the past and tossing them around. Yesterday it was Maurice Stokes, today it’s Hank Luisetti and Bevo Francis. Can anyone tell what part of the library I used to spend my study hall periods in? Francis once scored 113 points in a college game, had there been a three point shot, his total would’ve been 164. Wow. I was pretty surprised to find out that Francis is still alive and that he’s only 70 years old. I guess that’s where the Hank Luisetti stuff comes in, because he played in the 30’s, while Francis was in the 50’s. Actually, as far as I know, Luisetti is still alive too…Not to sound too Simmons-esque, but yes, I’m rambling here. Mark Murphy says the Celtics are the anti-Patriots…beat the good teams and lose to the bad. Shira Springer looks at the reasons for the Celtics struggles. Fatigue, illness, lack of practice time are all factors. Murphy’s notebook has the Celtics, and specifically Tony Delk getting some much needed rest.

John Howell isn’t too impressed with Sean McDonough’s negotiations through the media and his radio show, and implies that McDonough never had any intentions of joining the Mets broadcast team. Jim Baker looks at Paul McGuire, and has a couple other notes. In the spirit of shameless self promotion, here’s my weekly Metro column.

FSNE has Celtics/Timberwolves at 7:30. ESPN has Lakers/Sixers at 8:00 and Suns/Clippers at 10:30.