Baseball talk continues to lead sports radio. Dale & Neumy were talking Cliff Floyd, Bartolo Colon, etc. Theo Epstein joined the program around 1:00 and talked extensively about Floyd, about procedures, Contreras, bullpen help, and addresses whether Nomar’s name came up over the weekend in Nashville. A transcript of the conversation is available on the Boston Dirt Dogs site. On with Eddie and Jags, there was a little more Patriots talk, a few New York area writers appeared on the program, but more and more, at reader Matt pointed out yesterday, the program is simply a forum for Eddie to talk to his pals on the Chrysler-Jeep- Giant Glass-KowLoon-Mohegan Sun of Belmont celebrity hotline, while Dave Jageler sits back and listens, usually silent. The one thing Jageler has been vocal about is the Bird/Belkin group not getting the NBA franchise for his former hometown of Charlotte. Jags says that the city was basically sold a bill of goods by having Larry Bird go down there, get the city excited and then the NBA goes with the Johnson group instead. Without Larry Bird’s name there would be no arena deal or NBA expansion team there. Glen Ordway returned to the Big Show today, joined by Steve DeOssie and Larry Johnson. Football was a big topic there, as was former co-host Lyndon Byers spending time in the big house. As you might imagine a lot of jokes were made at that situation. Sean McDonough was joined by Michael Smith and Kevin Paul Dupont.

Otis Smith has been placed on the IR by the Patriots, ending his season. Richard Seymour, Ty Law, Lawyer Milloy, Adam Vinatieri and special teamer Larry Izzo were named as Pro Bowlers today. Eric McHugh looks at Curtis Martin, likely licking his chops coming in, and we also hear from Patriot types who claim the run defense actually wasn’t that bad Monday Night. David Pevear also looks at the run defense. Hey, have you heard? The season comes down to the last two games for the Patriots. Tom King says so. Mike Lowe agrees with that assessment. Chris Kennedy looks at the challenges facing Tom Brady.

An interesting view on the Charlotte expansion franchise is submitted by Stephen A. Smith. Some interesting quotes in there, such as: “Thing is, Bird partnered himself with a group that didn’t have the funds, according to sources very close to the negotiations. From day one, Bird’s group appeared too eager to engage in a public relations, smoke-and-mirrors campaign.” Mike Fine submits a mini-feature on Pat Riley, his place in the NBA and his battles with the officials. Jeff Thomas looks at Travis Best coming into the Fleet on Springfield night. Fine’s notebook looks at Riley’s comments on Pierce and Walker.

Bill Simmons answers his mailbag. Addressed are questions on feeling old, wearing a suit and jinxing players by wearing their jerseys.