More baseball to lead off today. With the GM meetings convening today in Nashville, Gerry Callahan and Michael Gee do a point-counterpoint type thing on the topic trading Nomar. This is a bit of a mismatch, sort of like Shaq going one on one with Bruno Sundov. Gerry says yes, trade him before you lose him, Gee says we’ve been moaning since 1918 about trading Babe Ruth for financial reasons, now everyone wants to do the same with Nomar? Despite having that good point in his favor, Gee gets steamrolled by Callahan in the comparison of the pieces, Gee invalidating many of his own points. Todd Walker is your new second baseman for the Red Sox, Gordon Edes discusses the trade and also previews the GM meetings with speculation of what Theo might do. Michael Silverman and Sean McAdam also preview the winter meetings. For more on Todd Walker, articles by Bob Hohler, and David Heuschkel as well as in the Herald by Silverman, in the ProJo by McAdam all provide solid analysis. Almost as if they were responding directly to talk on WEEI from yesterday afternoon, John Henry and Larry Lucchino say that it’s their own fault that they missed Pedro when the paid a visit to the Dominican Republic. Yesterday Ordway and McAdam were saying quite emphatically that Henry and Lucchino have planned this trip for a long time, and that Pedro knew they were coming and simply ducked out on them. They responded in a mocking fashion to the idea that something was bungled, and that Pedro might not have known they were coming down there. Today, in this Edes piece in the Globe, John Henry says: “But it was my fault. I should have gotten his number and called him well in advance.” Lucchino adds: “Don’t make a big deal of this, We should have contacted him directly instead of making assumptions.” Another example of jumping the gun (by WEEI) or an example of spin control by the Red Sox? (using their subsidiary, the Globe) I tend to think the former. Edes has stated strongly that the Globe doesn’t get any special favors or information from the Sox.

Nick Cafardo points out 10 players that have been important, but unheralded contributors this season. Michael Felger looks at Antowain Smith getting his game back on track. Tom Curran examines the pounding the players in the middle of the field take each day. Alan Greenberg looks at the play of Matt Light. Rich Thompson looks at Mike Vrabel, who was a college teammate of Eddie George. Christopher Price looks at the Freak. Ian Clark looks at Anthony Pleasant’s importance to the team. Cafardo’s notebook leads with Matt Light. Felger focuses on Daniel Graham in his Herald notebook. Curran looks at Pleasant in his notebook. Leigh Montville makes his weekly picks.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell reports on the Bruins dropping their second game in a row for the first time since last season. Stephen Harris also reports on the 5-2 loss to the Senators. Kevin Paul Dupont writes about the Kyle McLaren mystery holdout and if the Bruins will move him soon. I find it hard to believe that Dupont doesn’t know what is going on. Dale Arnold knows the story, others locally know what is going on…is Dupont just putting on a charade here? Writing a column pretending to not know the truth? Putting a good front on? Very curious. Harris also touches on McLaren in his notebook. Steve Conroy writes that last night was a revenge game for the Senators. Marrapese-Burrell’s notebook focuses on Sergei Samsonov.

Shira Springer and Beth Healy have information on the newest additions to the Celtics ownership group. Gus Martins looks at Tony Battie’s return tonight after his suspension. Anyone else think that it’s a coincidence that after a Celtic gets suspended for kicking a ball at a ref, the very next game the Celtics find themselves on the short end of a terribly lopsided officiating job? Frank Dell’Apa looks at Paul Pierce getting ready to play tonight. While Dell’Apa seems to think Pierce will be ready to go tonight, Martin’s notebook seems to think a return tonight is still up in the air.

Jim Baker writes about all the Pete Rose talk on sports radio, and weighs in on Tommy Heinsohn. Bill Griffith looks at ESPN’s “The Junction Boys” movie, debuting tomorrow night. Lenny Megliola weighs in on Sean McDonough, Carson Palmer and Michael Jordan. I’m told it’s perfectly fine to link to my own columns, so today is the debut of my new weekly column for the Boston Metro website. It will be a weekly wrapup of events in sports media, as well as a look ahead to the weekend.

FSNE has Celtics/Cavs at 7:30. ESPN has Nets/Wizards at 8:00 and Hornets/Lakers at 10:30.