Overheard during an outraged Eddie Andelman rant on WWZN today: “…and you have Art Howe, convicted seven times on drug charges!!!” Jags: “err…That’s *Steve* Howe, Eddie…” Red Sox talk was hot on WEEI today, both in on midday as well as the Big Show. Is Pedro Martinez showing up the Lucchino and Henry? Do they need to discipline him? Will the Red Sox trade Nomar at the winter meetings this weekend? All hot topics. Ordway openly admits that controversies like these are great for his format of programming. They enjoy stirring things up and getting people fired up. Also multiple cuts of Tommy Heinsohn from last night’s game. They are just hilarious. Tommy is a gem. Ordway hammered away at Vin Baker again. Could he find an easier topic? Gordon Edes came on to WWZN to report that the Red Sox have aquired second baseman Todd Walker from the Reds for a couple minor leaguers. One of whom is rumored to be Tony Blanco.

Bill Griffith reports on the Sean McDonough deal with the Red Sox. A multi-year agreement. Aaron Schatz bucks the rest of the Boston media and puts together a column defending Manny Ramirez. Gordon Edes had a chat with the members of the Sons of Sam Horn board last night.

Eric McHugh looks at the tough remaining schedule for the Patriots. David Pevear looks at the one week from disaster mindset of the Patriots. Tom King looks at Richard Seymour. Mike Lowe says that Matt Light needs to have a big game on Monday night against the Titans. Mike Parente gets Patriots opinion on Steve McNair. McHugh’s notebook tells just what the loss of Matt Chatham will mean.

Mike Fine looks at the ugliness at the Fleet last night. Rob Bradford looks further at fright night, Fine’s notebook looks at Joe Johnson.