No articles from Borges today, I assume he’s out of town on a boxing assignment or something. Nick Cafardo puts all the blame on Drew, and gives no credit to the Patriots defense, to wit: “The Patriots’ defense was fairly vanilla, with an occasional blitz, but it was mainly Bledsoe who spoiled his own homecoming” No acknowledgement of what now must be obvious, even to Cafardo, Belichick knows how to defend Drew. But no mention of that from Nick. Not a peep. Amazing. Alan Greenberg, Michael Felger and Tom Curran weigh in with game stories. In his story, Curran hints that Belichick likely feels the same for Drew that Drew feels for him. Bob Ryan gives the defense credit and includes the line that “Bledsoe on the move is like seeing Ben Wallace assume the launch position for a 3-pointer. Absolutely no good can come of it. One can reasonably argue that it is life-threatening.” Kevin Mannix concurs that the defense is the engine to this team, and even gets quotes from the normally off-limits Romeo Crennel. Jim Donaldson likes the Bledsoe trade. Jeff Jacobs says that Drew is soooo predictable. Dan Shaughnessy sounds disappointed that Drew didn’t stick it to his old teammates. He does however, come much closer than Borges or Cafardo ever will to admitting that he was wrong…”The notion Bill Belichick owns Bledsoe is now written in concrete. It’s NFL Axiom No. 101, right up there with ‘Johnny Unitas owns the 2-minute drill,’ and ”Al Davis will sue the league.’ A lot of us thought the Patriots were arrogant for trading the talented veteran QB to a division rival.” and later: “And the coach has proven to be 100 percent correct. The Bledsoe Bowls of 2002 served only to validate Belichick’s legend.” Way to go Dan, I might even take down your nickname poll today….

Michael Smith looks at the monster game of Richard Seymour yesterday. Mark Murphy has a long look at another strong year from Ty Law and his bond with Otis Smith. Steven Krasner also looks at Seymour. Kevin McNamara says Drew was doomed from the start yesterday. Kevin Paul Dupont writes about Tebuckey Jones. George Kimball says that Drew even bungled the coin toss. Tim Weisberg looks at Bledsoe as a Patriots opponent. Michael Gee says the Patriots must continue this type of defense if they want to make the playoffs, let alone go any further than that. Cafardo’s notebook focuses on Otis Smith and Ted Johnson, along with a couple impending contract extensions. Felger’s notebook looks at the costly penalties yesterday. Curran’s notebook observes that Antowain Smith is quietly having another good year. 850 yards with three games to play. He gets just 50 yards a game in the last three and he goes over 1000 again. Christopher Price has various sundry items in his Metro notebook. Ian Clark says the trade has helped the Patriots in more ways than one. The NY Post endorses Charlie Weis to be the next coach of the Giants.

Once again a Boston sweep of New York teams over the weekend, with the Celtics beating the Knicks Friday night, Pats beating the Bills yesterday and Nancy Marrapese-Burrell reports on yesterday’s 4-1 Bruins win in New York. Steve Conroy says that Al Davis would love this Bruins team. Both notebooks in the Herald and the Globe focus on John Grahame

Steve Bulpett observes that the Celtics need to, and want to be, a better team. Peter May looks ahead to the Celtics facing an angry Orlando Magic team. Bulpett’s notebook looks at matchups for tonight.

If you’re interested in a complete, word for word transcription of the Steve Buckley/Gordon Edes confrontation on Sports Final last night, you can read it here.

FSNE has Celtics/Magic at 7:00. ESPN2 has Indiana/Vanderbilt college hoops at 7:00. ABC has Dolphins/Bears on Monday Night Football at 9:00.