It’s amusing to compare the Boston sports media with others around the country. Take, for example Pittsburgh. Imagine the reaction here had the Patriots lost to the first year Houston Texans in the manner in which the Steelers did yesterday…at home. Can you even begin to imagine the articles from Borges, Cafardo, Shaughnessy, et all? Much different in Steel town. Look at this article by Mike Prisuta. Hey…don’t panic…it’s ok, Bill Cower has lost to expansion teams before….twice! (What an indictment! Imagine that…Cower has lost THREE games to first year expansion teams -Jaguars, Browns, Texans- during his time in Pittsburgh.) Not to mention that “The defense, meanwhile, may have finally found itself against Houston.” Really! They stoned that offensive juggernaut known as the Texans real good. Totally shutting down those awesome weapons Houston puts on the field. None of the other writers in town are particularly scathing of the team in their articles this morning. Do I wish the Boston writers were like the Pittsburgh ones? No way. But the vast difference is very amusing.

I wondered if Ron Borges was out covering Boxing yesterday…well apparently he did watch some football, as he reports in for MSNBC. Is he back on his old beat? He’s in love with the Raiders. He notes that “The class of the conference appears to once again be the Raiders”. Once again? Were they the class of the conference last year? So just where was Borges and his sidekick Cafardo last night? It was interesting all last week to hear the Buffalo writers and personalities talking in fear about Belichick and the Patriots against Bledsoe. Here, all you heard was talk from Cafardo about how stupid the trade would be if Bledsoe beat the Patriots. Worst trade in history, Nick has called it. In Buffalo, Jerry Sullivan says Belichick knew exactly what he was doing in trading Drew to the Bills. Ron Hobson writes about the homecoming from hell. Eric McHugh writes that Drew can join Payton Manning in the Belichick anonymous club. David Pevear says yesterday was just like old times. Marc Connolly writes that December is the Patriots month. Peter King submits his Monday Morning Quarterback column which includes the following: “The Boston Herald says Manny Ramirez wants to be traded. Assuming that’s true, and assuming some team will take on his entire salary (both dubious assumptions), I have one comment: Yahoooo!” I just have to shake my head at this eagerness to dump the greatest right handed hitter in the game today. A guy who, when he is on, is dominating. Hits with both average and power, who in games against the top 6 teams in the league this year hit almost 50 points above his average, and has shown he loves to knock the ball out of Yankee stadium. Yeah, lets dance about getting rid of that in a salary dump.