As might be expected talk all day on WWZN revolved around Sean McDonough and the the Red Sox. Eddie had Tony Massarotti with him, and spent much of the day bashing the new ownership for being city slickers thinking that they’re smarter than everyone else, and for not spending money, and for just being all PR conscious. On the McDonough group, Sean was there, surprisingly. He started off the program acknowledging the issue, but not wanting to talk about it out of respect for the Red Sox, NESN, and other parties involved in this process. But then he went on to add that the decision is basically out of his hands, but that he expects the entire situation to be resolved in the next day or two, that it is his preference to stay, the Red Sox have always been his dream job. He doesn’t expect to be doing the Sox games unless there is a huge turnaround quickly. Sure sounds like he’s gone. Especially if he expects a resolution in the next 48 hours, that would mean he is close to accepting an offer elsewhere, as NESN has only said that they expect to announce their broadcasting team sometime before the end of the year. Daddy Will McDonough was also on the show, and kept talking about tomorrow. Sean said he didn’t want today’s program to be self-serving, Will said that could wait until tomorrow, and he mentioned tomorrow a couple other times. Is Sean going to announce tomorrow that he’s joining the YES network and leaving WWZN? Who knows. One thing is sure. Please read all Will McDonough columns carefully from here on out, and note anything he says about the Red Sox. It says here that Will won’t be treating them kindly from this point forward. The handwriting was on the wall with this one, it fit the pattern from early on that the Sox wouldn’t likely keep McDonough when they could have Dynamic Don for a fifth the price. WWZN’s efforts to sign up Gerry Callahan earlier this year make more sense, as perhaps they had an inkling that McDonough could be gone. They will need a star to keep themselves relevant.You might’ve heard both shows talking about an on-line petition that’s been started on this topic. I’m indifferent on the subject. I’ve been chained inside today and have not been able to catch any of WEEI.

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