No, today’s Eddie Andelman show was not a bad dream. He actually did start off the program with his therapy appointment for his “rotary” cuff. He then raised the level of the program by proposing a “big woman competition.” This topic consumed much of the rest of the program. Events like stacking midgets into a truck were discussed, one caller did suggest that the main event should be that they would have to carry Eddie. When he wasn’t talking about big women, Eddie was mocking the Red Sox, either for their 28 year old GM or about the hiring of the Cuban bullpen coach. He said to publicize the event, the Red Sox were going to float the new coach in a raft down the Charles River. The most interesting note of the show was Nick Cafardo commenting on Bill Belichick not getting a contract extension yet by noting that the Giants are likely Belichick’s dream job. Eddie pal Dennis Drinkwater was also on the show for a time. I wish I could’ve called in to say the last time my windshield cracked, and I called around for prices, Giant Glass was about $60 higher than any other quote I got. Others promised “factory” glass and the better-than-the-law sealing as well… Dale & Neumie had the touchdown twins, and Michael Vick was a hot topic as was coach of the year talk. Neumeier thinks that Brian Billick should be a candidate, and was chided by the others for this stand. Gordon Edes and Michael Smith joined Sean McDonough on the McDonough Group.

I’ve been curious as to what Dan Duquette might have to say about the hiring of Theo Epstein and any advice he might have. Looks like we all might get the chance to hear it. Duquette was on camera this morning with WHDH for a piece that will likely be running on Sports Xtra Sunday night. I loved the quote that Gordon Edes included in his Sunday notes column in the Globe this week about when Duquette was hired: “‘The best man for the job is getting the job,” wrote Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy. ”Such a concept.”