All seem in agreement that last night’s Celtics win was ugly. They act like that was a bad thing. Style points seem to count for a lot in Boston. Not only do the teams have to win, they need to look good doing it. It’s the case for the Patriots, you see it here for the Celtics, and it certainly applies to the Red Sox as well. Shira Springer, Mark Murphy and Robert Lee each feature the word “ugly” prominently in their game stories. Peter May injects a dose of reality by noting that the Celtics are getting the job done. He adds that their 11-5 record is even more impressive considering they’ve been going with 11 players, only 8 of whom play regularly, and that Walker and Pierce have struggled at times during this opening stretch. Gus Martins has a Kedrick Brown update, and he also submits a short story on Antoine Walker’s backbreaking three pointer. Michael Gee was bored stiff last night. He attempts to inject the same feeling into his readers. Brown is the subject of Lee’s notebook in the projo, while Springer’s notebook looks at the absence of Baron Davis from the Hornets lineup last night. Murphy’s notebook contains a number of items concerning the C’s.

Nick Cafardo has numerous quotes from an unnamed “NFC personnel man”, who touts and lauds the Dolphins after their performance yesterday. The personnel guy says: “if you’re asking me which is the better team I’d have to say the Dolphins. I think they disproved the theory they can’t play in cold weather.” He goes on to add that: ”I’d be utterly shocked if the Dolphins don’t hold on to win the division and then go far into this thing…I just think they (Patriots) have a tough road ahead if they’re going to overtake the Dolphins the next four games.” Anyone tell this guy that the Patriots now do not need to “overtake” the Dolphins? Michael Smith reports on Drew Bledsoe’s big day against the Dolphins. Dennis and Callahan on WEEI this morning still think that Miami is the team to beat as they have the running game and their defense is much improved. Yesterday’s game was an aberration caused by the conditions, they insist. They’re terrified of the Dolphins. Michael Felger has the Patriots cheering for Drew yesterday, and getting ready to beat him this Sunday. The Bills coaches are confident heading into this matchup, according to the last paragraph. Felger’s notebook looks at Ted Johnson’s increased role. Yesterday Tom Curran had an interesting column on the varied meaning of boos.

You can read summaries of all Theo Epstein’s Sunday Night appearances from last night below. The Epstein hiring has also created another phenomena…that of the “Theo Epstein career crisis” I’ve composed a short article on that topic.

You know Dennis and Callahan are going to love this snippet from Peter King in his Monday Morning Quarterback column:

“When Charlie Weis lay comatose in a hospital bed in Boston last summer, the victim of a stomach-stapling surgery gone horribly wrong, wife Maura had a Catholic priest perform last rites twice on him. (The Weises are devout Catholics. Charlie went to Notre Dame.) When the archdiocese of Boston heard about Weis’ plight, it offered to send Cardinal Bernard Law to Weis’ bedside to pray for him. Law was, and still is, in the middle of the priest sex-abuse scandal, and has been accused of being too lenient with repeat offenders. Maura sent a message to the archdiocese that said, in effect: Thanks but no thanks. Keep the most influential Catholic man in New England away from my husband.”

FSNE has Celtics/Magic at 7:00. ABC has Jets/Raiders on Monday Night Football. ESPN2 has a college basketball doubleheader with Marquette/Notre Dame at 7:00 and Iowa/Florida State at 9:00