Kevin Mannix is fairly generous with his grades in his report card today, considering the team played pretty bad for nearly three quarters. Tom Curran has some good Looney Tunes references in regards to the Patriots. (Side note…did you know that the Looney Tunes….Bugs Bunny and crew…are not available on DVD? That’s a crime.) Nick Cafardo gives a detailed look at the comeback. Alan Greenberg points to the officials calls and Bears’ coaches mistakes as why the Patriots are a “more mediocre than dominating” 5-4. Ron Borges says lets not get all caught up in the comeback, they played horrid for three quarters and benefited from “some of the worst officiating at the end of a game in recent history.” Kevin McNamara chronicles how things went right the Patriots way. Rich Thompson has more on the planning that went into the game winning TD. Lenny Megliola peeks ahead to Patriots/Raiders. Cafardo’s notebook looks at Andruzzi’s sore knee and Vinatieri’s golden leg. Thompson’s notebook also features Vinatieri. High School coaches grade the Patriots for the Union Leader.

Last night’s FSNE Celtics broadcast contained many tributes to Mike Gorman and Tommy Heinsohn, who were broadcasting their 1000th game together. Tributes poured in video form from Red Auerbach, Danny Ainge and NBA Commish David Stern. Bill Walton was present and read a letter from Larry Bird. Walton also sat in for part of the telecast, and let the halftime ceremony that included the Stern video, congratulations from Paul Pierce, and others. Various vintage Celtics clips from the ’80s and ’90s were shown throughout the night. (Many more from the ’80s…understandably)

Shira Springer has the story of the game, a game that featured runs on both end in the first half, and the second half saw the Celtics pull away. Steve Bulpett covers the game for the Herald, noting the irony of the grizzled Jazz coming in on Veteran’s day. Paul Kenyon’s game story focuses on the performance of Paul Pierce. Peter May has a look at Karl Malone. Gus Martins also examines the overall production of Paul Pierce. Bulpett’s notebook has Bill Walton weighing in on Vin Baker, and has a peek at the halftime ceremony. Springer’s notebook also has Baker feeling more comfortable, and Pierce giving his thoughts on a myriad of topics. Kenyon’s notebook looks at Stockton and Malone and ends with Jim O’Brien noting that Kedrick Brown has likely lost his spot in the rotation due to his injury.

Bob Hohler chronicles the Billy Beane saga, including the tidbit that Red Sox partner Tom Werner had Katie Couric call Beane’s wife and sing “Happy Birthday” to her as part of the wooing process. Steve Buckley says Hey, it’s ok to change your mind. He even uses this premise to bash Manny. “And how about Manny Ramirez? If Ramirez had been able to look inside his own heart the way Billy Beane did early Sunday morning, he’d have remained with the Cleveland Indians. He’d have been happier, and, as things have happened, so too would Sox fans.” All I can say is, Buckley, you don’t speak for me. (My initial thoughts were somewhat stronger, but I tempered them for the sake of the children reading.) Sean McAdam hits the reset button on the Sox GM search. David Heuschkel looks at the search and the remaining options. Tony Massarotti says the Sox have been jilted and jolted. Jeff Horrigan also looks at the agonizing of Beane before turning the job down. Seeing Ralphie killed on the Sopranos somehow consoled him that he had made the right decision. Go figure. Hoher also reports on free agent Cliff Floyd, searching for a big contract. Gordon Edes has a notebook containing a Tim Wakefield contract extension and a new bench coach for Grady Little. Kevin Provencher reports the Sox are disappointed, but not devastated at the Beane snub. Michael Silverman looks that remaining candidates.

Bill Griffith has a look at tonight’s HBO OJ Simpson documentary, and other media notes. John Molori catches up with former 1510 Celtics Rewind host Marty Tirrell, now over at 1590 in Nashua. Tirrell questions 1510’s finances in this interview, the article also looks at the new Mike Adams morning show.

NESN has Bruins/Sabres at 7:00 ESPN2 has the Harlem Globetrotters taking on Maryland at 7:00. ESPN has Miami (Oh)/Marshall college football at 8:00