Yes…Eddie Andelman did actually use

Yes…Eddie Andelman did actually use the word “sluttiest” on air twice today. Way to raise the bar, Eddie. And yes, I know that the “raising the bar” tagline only applies to The McDonough Group AND only when Sean is actually hosting said program. And yes, John Dennis did insist that the Bears coach should’ve challenged a call with under a minute left in the game. Greg Dickerson did try to correct him on the fact that under two minutes only the officials themselves can call for a play to be reviewed, But Dennis would have none of it. By the way, wonder what Dickerson thinks about having his name on the 1510 website as being included in their poll for an upcoming show…and finally, if you came to this site this morning and found a Muslim porn site…well I don’t know what to tell you. Actually, what might’ve happened is my sometimes unpredictable host server will serve up seemingly random sites, including, I guess what at least one person saw this morning. That probably also explains the one who saw the page with the bullet in the corner. If you get a weird page when visiting here, simply reload the page. At some point in the future, I plan on moving this site to a higher end hosting company, but looking for some funding first…

Mike Fine looks at the venerable Stockton and Malone. Chad Finn weighs in on Billy Beane and looks ahead to the Red Sox offseason moves. On the possibility of trading Nomar: “If he ever left Boston, it would be a baseball tragedy of Babe-to-the-Yankees proportions. I can almost see Shaughnessy smirking from here.” Jon Couture has an original thought….give the job to Mike Port. Eric McHugh looks at the heroes of Sunday’s comeback. The always entertaining Tuesday Morning Quarterback by Gregg Easterbrook seems even longer than usual this week. Wouldn’t you love to see this happen in Boston?