Today being a holiday, I slept in. Here’s a few quick links on the two big stories of the day. Wonder how much Dan Shaughnessy really had to change his Billy Beane column today, which parts do you think were in the original? You think the Pitino reference was in there? I’m betting it was. Tony Massarotti & Michael Silverman team up to report the story for the Herald. Bob Hohler has more for the Globe. As this story broke late last night, expect more stories tomorrow.

On the Patriots, Nick Cafardo has the details of the scintillating Patriots win, Kevin Mannix writes about the magic of Brady. Tom Curran writes about this character building win. Michael Smith reports on a weekend of comebacks for Kevin Faulk. In addition to the Patriots, His college team LSU, defeated Kentucky on the last play of the game. Smith could’ve mentioned also that Faulk’s distance cousin Marshall, also had a part in a Rams comeback that was every bit as dramatic and impressive as that of the Patriots. Ron Borges provides some detailed, serious analysis of the defense. The article is free of the agenda driven drivel of recent times. Alan Greenberg looks at the close calls at the end. Michael Felger has just another chapter in the miracle champions storybook. Jim Donaldson looks at the crucial defensive stop. Will McDonough weighs in on the game, noting that all bad teams will find a way to lose if you let them. There are plenty more articles in the Herald and Globe, but most deal with smaller angles of the game.

Quick look at a couple Chicago articles that skewer the officials and the Bears coaching staff. Jay Mariotti is especially harsh on Dick Jauron, and calls Brady “America’s coolest 25 year old quarterback.” Rick Telander reports that Bears defensive coordinator Greg Blache challenged some members of the media to meet him outside later. Imagine if that happened here? Romeo Crennel, sick of Borges, says “meet me behind the stadium in an hour.”

Interesting that Sports Final split up the combatants last night. Borges and Cafardo had no contact with Felger or DeOssie. Wonder if this was in reaction to the uproar, the fact the Sports Xtra has consistently beat them in the ratings despite having (in my opinion) an inferior show? Or perhaps was this perhaps a mandate from the Globe. It’s well documented that the Globe strives for an appearance of decorum from its writers when they are not on the pages of the newspaper. Was it either this or the banning of all Globe writers from Sports Final? One interesting note is that last week Borges said that the Patriots were only a good team when they had a lead. They did pretty good coming from behind yesterday.

NESN has a Bruins/Oilers holiday matinee at 1:00. FSNE has Celtics/Jazz at 7:00. ABC has Raiders/Broncos at 9:00.ESPN Classic has a Bill Parcells SportsCentury at 8:00 and 11:00.