With the off night for most of the sports world, The Globe does the right thing and has a lengthy feature lined up to fill the void. Stan Grossfeld once again provides the writing as he looks at four legends of Boston sports, and gets the secret of their longevity. He has a legend from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Perhaps most amazing to me was Milt Schmidt. 84 years old, out playing golf in the rain, sipping a Bud. There are several old hockey stories that are fascinating, and amusing. He also has a steady girlfriend. Johnny Pesky is next, and attributes his health at age 83 to changing his diet. He talks about surprising the current players by spearing a line drive, or with his footwork around third base. He still craves that Red Sox world championship. Gino Cappelletti got his championship last year with the Patriots — in the broadcast booth while recovering from quadruple bypass heart surgery.The youngster of the four, Gino at 68 is one of the Football hall of fame’s most glaring omissions. He was the AFL’s all time leading scorer. He exercises and eats healthy, and like the others in this series he is still right near is playing weight. Finally Bob Cousy, 74, who every other day heads over to Holy Cross to work out in the morning. In addition he eats light, takes his vitamins and has a glass or two of red wine every night. Great job by Grossfeld and the Globe here.

Gerry Callahan says that it sure looks like Tom Brady was on point and correct with his comments after the Green Bay game. He accepts the leadership role and is growing into it at the age of 25. Michael Felger wraps up the first half of the season with awards and disappointments. Jim Donaldson blesses us with some of his thoughts and observations on football. Nick Cafardo uses some quotes and information from his appearance with Matt Light on WWZN yesterday to put together his article today on the melding of the offensive line. Michael Gee feels uneasy that the people are buzzing about the Patriots again. Felger’s notebook also looks at the O-line play.

Bob Hohler reports that the Sox new GM will likely come out of the current crop of candidates. He also reports on Lucchino confirming interest in Tom Glavine and Jim Thome. Lucchino also was given the chance to re-state a quote he had said about Glavine being in the “twilight” of his youth. He quickly amended the comment. Just wouldn’t do to say anything close to something Dan Duquette would say…Joe McDonald reports on the Red Sox re-signing Alan Embree, who says a big part of his decision was the fans. David Heuschkel and Tony Massarotti also report on the signing. Massarotti also reports on the GM search, an award for Manny Ramirez, and some coaching candidates. Hohler also reports on Embree in a second article of the day. John Tomase asserts that the Cy Young should go to Pedro, without question, but that he could get passed over. Meanwhile, the ever-reliable George King takes Lucchino’s quotes from yesterday and runs with a story in the NY Post that the Red Sox could be after Roger Clemens.

Peter May castigates Paul Gaston (rightly so) for his steadfast refusal to allow the Celtics to carry more than 12 players on the active roster, even with Kedrick Brown out for what could be another month. Mark Murphy reports that Antoine Walker isn’t worried about his shots and shooting. May’s notebook has the team looking for revenge against the Bulls tonight. Murphy’s notebook looks at Donyell Marshall’s role with the Bulls among other notes. Jim Baker has the TNT crew blasting the Celtics.

FSNE has Celtics/Bulls at 8:30. ESPN has Kings/Knicks at 7:00 and Nets/Bucks at 9:30