John Meterparel rejoiced over his strong showing in the best play by play guy poll. The Touchdown Twins joined Dale and Nuemy on WEEI’s midday show. A bit of an amusing moment when Dale told “Danny from Quincy” that if he wanted to co-host to go call the other guy. This was a reference to Eddie Andelman yesterday recruiting callers, including Danny to co-host his program. Danny told Dale he shouldn’t always be slamming his former partner, and was promptly disconnected. Speaking of Eddie, he and Jageler were joined by Damien Woody and Matt Light, along with Nick Cafardo. Light revealed that Joe Andruzzi’s nickname among his linemates is “our little fat guard”. Danny from Quincy got a mention on this show too. Glen Ordway was joined by Steve DeOssie and Michael Felger, and promised in addition to football, that there would be plenty of election talk. Pete Brock, Michael Smith, and Bill Simmons joined Sean McDonough, who feels that the Embree re-signing by the Red Sox spells the end for Urbina. Bob Ryan called to talk about the new ESPN program.

Jon Couture just can’t figure out the Patriots. Del Jones says give Daniel Graham some love. So does the Patriots website which encourages you to go to and vote for Graham as the top rookie of the week. Tom King wonders if we’re in for another Patriots run. Ron Chimelis says we all need to respect Drew. Chris Kennedy looks ahead to the rest of the road trip. The Mooseman has hope. Tuesday means another addition of Gregg Easterbrook’s Tuesday morning quarterback.

Mike Fine has Jim O’Brien looking for better defense from his squad. Rob Bradford has a piece in the Lowell Sun about a former local high school star getting engaged to a famous coach’s daughter, and also has a couple interesting Celtics notes at the end.