Quite a bit of baseball talk on a cold rainy day in sports radio. Eddie Andelman started off his show railing against the Red Sox owners and the letter they sent out recently to season ticket holders. Eddie is not happy nor impressed with the new ownership and management group of the team. Dale & Neumy spent much of their show looking at various statistics, mostly related to baseball and specifically making the case for Pedro Martinez receiving the Cy Young award. At the end of the show, they had two interesting items. One, the Red Sox are going to hire Bill James. Very interesting move. I can’t help but wonder though, what the reaction would’ve been had Dan Duquette done this. Ridicule over hiring another “statman”, I suspect. (Yes, I realize sabermetrics is a bit more complicated then just a bunch of numbers.) The second was what Drew Bledsoe has spent his bye week doing. He’s in LA, testifying, no not at the Winona Ryder shoplifting trial, but in the lawsuit between sports agents Leigh Steinberg and David Dunn. Some interesting material in an entertaining article by T.J. Simers who gives the word that Bledsoe “couldn’t even tell the jury for sure whether he has been married “five or six years,” which had to leave the good citizens on the jury wondering about the strength of his recollection the rest of the morning.” Think Drew will be getting a bit of a chilly reception back home from Maura? The whole article is definitely worth a read, though free registration is required. Ralph Frammolino has the more “newsy” version. Glen Ordway joined by Chris Collins and Steve Buckley for continuing election coverage. Sean McDonough was joined by Steve Burton and Kip Lewis. Red Sox talk continued here, with GM search talk, as well as the possibility of Roger Clemens returning.

Jonathon Comey wonders if a Super Bowl rematch is in the making. Eric McHugh hands out the midseason grades. Up in Vermont, they’re a little confused about this whole Bledsoe/Brady/Bills/Patriots thing. (again, free registration required) BuffaloBills.com has a “Where are they now?” article on Fred Smerlas.

Mike Fine has a look at Mike Port, who continues to plug along and do his job. Alan Greenwood says the Orioles are interested in making Port their GM. Lucchino says he would give the Orioles permission to talk to Port if they ask.