Almost straight A’s for the Patriots in Kevin Mannix’s Report Card. Tom Curran cautions against thinking this team has solved all its problems. Alan Greenberg agrees that we shouldn’t all assume that they’re back on track. Ron Borges writes glowingly about the Patriots, and is sure to point out that he isn’t criticizing Tom Brady for the sideways passes. OK, so it’s a positive article. But read it again. Zero credit to Belichick and Crennel for coming up the scheme that totally confused not just Bledsoe, but the entire Buffalo offense, which was being touted in a Rams-like manner the last few weeks. Bills guard Ruben Brown, a severn year NFL veteran said “We hadn’t seen that, No offense has seen that.” Any mention of the coaching in this article is simply to say they must’ve realized how stupid they were being and went back to the things that were working.

Mark Murphy notes the little things that helped the Patriots get back into the win column. Michael Smith looks at what the Patriots did on offense to control the game. Paul Kenyon notes that the Patriots didn’t do anything different on Sunday….except execute. Hector Longo credits Tom Brady with backing up his talk earlier in the week, and lumps Drew along with Manny Ramirez and others he calls not “a clutch team player”. Bill Reynolds says the game Sunday simply showed the difference between the Pats and Bills as teams…and that the better team usually wins. Bill Burt says that was more like it. Karen Guregian writes about the Pats answering their doubters. She alludes to Nick Cafardo (not by name) saying last week that he thought the team had tuned out Bill Belichick. George Kimball has the Bills licking their wounds and Bills offensive players still talking about the defensive scheme used by the Patriots. But a note for Kimball and the rest of the Boston media…Belichick and Crennel never coached together in Cleveland…Michael Smith’s notebook has Belichick pointing out a few things that still need to be improved. Murphy’s Herald notebook has Belichick praising Ted Johnson, and Curran’s notebook in the Projo looks at the postgame meeting between Bledsoe and Belichick.

Other than the Patriots, pretty scant sports coverage. Steve Bulpett writes about the Celtics addressing their defensive issues. Shira Springer writes about a Kedrick Brown setback in the Globe, and Bulpett’s notebook also has word on Brown and also takes a shot as Will McDonough’s assertion over the weekend that a new arena down the line for the Celtics is a ridiculous notion. Bulpett provides evidence that indicates that the owners are looking at that possibility for the future.

Bob Hohler looks at the possibility of Tom Glavine hooking up with the Red Sox for next year, while Michael Silverman writes about the Sox making one last effort to reach out for Billy Beane. Silverman also writes about John Henry Williams going to trial and that it looks as if Barry Zito will nudge out Pedro for the Cy Young.

Bill Griffith looks at the weekend numbers. Jim Baker has similar information and rejoices at the end on Ex-WBZ employee Bob Neumeier calling the Sports Final antics childish. John Molori has word on Vin Baker out of Seattle, and previews an HBO documentary on OJ and the issue of race that will air next Tuesday.

Patriots cornerback Ty Law may have picked the pockets of Drew Bledsoe and Eric Moulds on Sunday, but he was a victim himself recently of identity theft and $20,000 out of his bank account. Darren Rovell of’s Sports Business section has the story. Jonathan Hoskins obtained a birth certificate and social security card for Law and then was issued a drivers license from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in Ohio. He then walked into a bank, made two $10,000 withdrawals from Law’s account, and hung around a bit and signed autographs. Hoskins will serve just one year in jail. Law’s credit report will reflect the incident for seven years.

Basically zero for live sports on TV tonight. ESPN has its Tuesday night lineup of original programming. ESPN classic does have World Series film from the 1948 Boston Braves at 7:00 and a Bill Walton SportsCentury at 8:00 & 11:00.