Dan Pires hopes this is the start of something good. Chad Finn wrote yesterday that things didn’t look good for Drew and the Bills. Eric McHugh says that Belichick schooled Bledsoe once again. He also writes about the time-tested ingredients that once again worked for the Patriots. Chris Kennedy provides a well-balanced game story. Tom King asks “Drew who?”. McHugh’s notebook looks at the return of Smith and Faulk to the gameplan. Pires also has a notebook-type column. Peter King, in his Monday Morning Quarterback has a few Patriots items. Len Pasquarelli wonders if there might be more to come from the Patriots in his “Morning After” column. Clark Judge reviews the game for Fox Sports.

With Bledsoe losing yesterday, WEEI listeners were “treated” to multiple calls from Al from Everett today. Eddie Andelman chose the fact that several Patriots went to dinner with Bledsoe as a tangent to go off on. E-mailer Robert reports that Eddie is ticked off about the dinner. His reasons….A) Somebody could have poisoned their food B) A known bookie could have been eating in the same place C) One of them could have gotten jumped and had a bottle smashed over their head. For a little 20/20 hindsight, you can read what the experts said before the game on Patriots All Access, courtesy of John Molori. Glen Ordway and the boys (Smerlas and Nelson) spent much of the afternoon fending off the Bledsoe bashers coming out of the woodwork.

A few items of note tonight on the ESPN Classic Schedule. At 6:30 there is the NFL Films highlights of the Patriots/Packers SuperBowl. At 8:00 & 11:00 there is the Bobby Orr SportsCentury. At 9:00 there is a Red Sox/Orioles game from 2001, which I can assume is the Hideo Nomo no-hitter. ABC has Packers/Dolphins at 9:00.