Stuff keeps trickling in, I’ll likely have several updates today, just adding stuff as I get to it.

A must-read is yesterday’s article by Tom Curran, which has Pete Carroll relating how Drew got totally rattled before the final “Tuna Bowl” and came to sidelines in a panic during the game, saying “They know exactly what we’re doing out there, they know the whole game plan. . . . ” This was the game where the Pats were 6-2, and ended up finishing up at 8-8.

A couple of outside articles for perspective. Jerry Sullivan in the Buffalo News totally castigates coach Gregg Williams for being out-coached and for leaving Bledsoe in the game right down the end. He adds: “It was a mismatch from the opening whistle, perhaps the most one-sided, big-game coaching matchup since Bill Parcells and Belichick undressed Marv Levy’s guys in Super Bowl XXV.” Another article, this one in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Scott Pitoniak says that Bledsoe was rattled yesterday, and at times, looked like Rob Johnson. ouch.

Also from yesterday is Dan Shaughnessy with the inevitable Babe Ruth/Roger Clemens/Drew Bledsoe comparison. “But hubristic Bill erred when he dealt Bledsoe to a division rival. It was the football equivalent of telling Roger Clemens he was in the ”twilight” of his career. And let’s not forget a transaction 82 years ago when the Red Sox sold their best player to a division rival from New York. That one hasn’t worked out too well, either.”