I had to chuckle at the headlines comparison this morning. Yes, I know the writers don’t create their own headlines. But amid the catchy headlines, the title of Nick Cafardo’s headline is “Patriots play much better than the Bills”. Michael Felger, Ron Borges and Alan Greenberg open their stories with the same line. Drew takes his ex-teammates for dinner Saturday night, they have him for lunch on Sunday. Not a single genius reference by Borges.

I get the impression from Dan Shaughnessy’s column that he is a bit disappointed that Bledsoe didn’t stick it to the Patriots. He does though manage a few humorous jabs at Bledsoe. “Belichick devised a defensive scheme that turned Bledsoe into the cigar store Indian we came to know too well when he last toiled for the Patriots.” and this one: “A lot of the 73,448 at Ralph Wilson Stadium were happy, well-oiled road-trippers from Patriot Nation and they probably had some ”been-there, done-that” feelings as they went to their cars after the game. They saw hundreds of Bills fans wearing Bledsoe jerseys and long faces. We remember it well.” Dan did screw up one detail. He wrote: “Romeo did that against me when he was at Cleveland [under Belichick] when they had everyone up, walking around, trying to confuse your offensive line calls.” That’s a quote from Bledsoe, and the inserted [under Belichick] is incorrect. Crennel was the Defensive Coordinator for Chris Palmer in Cleveland, not Belichick. At the time of that game, Belichick was already the head coach here. A similar error was in Cafardo’s article when he wrote that “They sacked Bledsoe four times and hit him plenty more, using a steady diet of blitzes as defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel unveiled a scheme similar to one that stymied Bledsoe in the 1994 wild-card playoff game (Jan. 1, 1995) won by Belichick’s Browns, 20-13” At the time of that game, Crennel was coaching here in New England, under Bill Parcells. Kevin Mannix has a short article on the Patriots defensive scheme. Jim Donaldson says Bledsoe never imagined this result.

Tom Curran focuses on Antowain Smith’s performance yesterday, a theme echoed by Shira Springer and Steve Buckley. Elsewhere, Jeff Jacobs notes that Bledsoe was careful not to give Belichick any credit for the game plan yesterday. Kevin Mannix also looks at the Patriots recapturing the formula they used last year to win it all. Steve Buckley writes that Belichick made the right decision…for now. Michael Smith writes that the defense had the Bills coming and going. Smith also has an article on the offense. Ed Gray looks at the rejuvenated Ted Johnson. Chris Snow has reactions from Johnson and oher former Bledsoe teammates. Rich Thompson has a quick article on Kevin Faulk, who made a couple big plays. Michael Gee looks at Ty Law’s coverage on Eric Moulds and compares the QB performances. Jim Donaldson’s second article of the day examines Brady’s performance. George Kimball writes that Drew’s day ended up being a real downer. Felger’s notebook has Belichick seeking Drew out after the game. The other accounts all have Drew searching out his former coach. Cafardo’s notebook looks at Daniel Graham having a possible breakout game. Curran’s notebook looks at the scheme used to get to Drew. Ian Clark’s Patriots notebook has the team finding its winning recipe.

That’s just the morning Patriots links. Busy day ahead, if I have time I plan to do the rest of the links in with the afternoon bunch.