So here it is, Friday again. The hype of the revenge of Bledsoe likely will hit its zenith today. When he is on his game, Gerry Callahan is simply the best columnist in town. Today he looks at the Bledsoe/Belichick matchup with a few hilarious comparisons. (I forgot all about Boo Hoo Drew) In the end, he does give the edge to the Bills for this game. Tom Curran tries to figure out exactly why Bledsoe is so much better now. Alan Greenberg has a voluminous piece on Bledsoe. He again mentions the question put to Belichick the other day asking if arrogance led to Drew being traded within the division. Guess who asked that question? Hint…it wasn’t Borges. Ron was already off waxing Bledsoe’s SUV and eating wings with him in Buffalo. Somebody had to put the question to Belichick. Michael Felger looks at the defense as the key to the Patriots chances. A few Patriots tell Rich Thompson about their memories of Bledsoe as a teammate. Nick Cafardo focuses on the return of Antowain Smith to Buffalo. Michael Gee – voice of reason – (?) George Kimball says Drew loves his receivers. Hector Longo thinks that this Bledsoe hype could be the perfect distraction for the Patriots. I.M. Bettor says take the Pats and the points. Michael Smith provides some Bills injury updates. Curran’s notebook looks at the cornerback shuffle. Felger’s notebook looks at the increased role of Ted Johnson. Cafardo’s notebook looks at a newly formed kangaroo court for the offensive linemen. Ian Clark says its time to defend or default. Leigh Montville picks the Bills.

Worst regular season loss in franchise history. This is either a harbinger of the season, or will serve as a kick in the rear to those guys. After I wrote “panic ensues” yesterday after the loss to the Bulls on opening night, a nameless Boston media member e-mailed me this: “panic is not ensuing with the Celtics. its deserved. they suck. it’s going to be a long season.” (don’t ask who it is, I’m not tellin’) Shira Springer and Steve Bulpett provide the gruesome details. Dennis & Callahan are heaping the blame on Vin Baker. John Dennis before the season predicted 39 wins for the Celtics. At this rate he may turn out to be a rosy optimist. Is it too early to start looking at who could be available with the # 1 pick? Springer’s notebook looks at Jordan’s effect on his teammates, while Bulpett notes that the Celtics will honor Patrick Ewing at a Fleetcenter ceremony later this season.

If no one sees the loss, does the loss really count? A record low crowd watched the Bruins lose last night at the Fleetcenter. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has the game story. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at the appeal of fighting in hockey. Karen Guregian looks at the Bruins surprising start.

Bob Hohler with the only Red Sox story of the day. Dustin Hermanson’s option is declined and a few other items. Here is a transcript of Larry Lucchino’s appearance on Dennis & Callahan yesterday.

Poor WWZN, in a piece on ESPN last night looking at the Bledsoe/Belichick hype, they showed a clip of Eddie talking on the radio. The caption of the clip read Eddie Andelman (WEEI). I have already gotten a couple e-mails this morning about the Mike Adams show. These have been positive, e-mailer Jeff writes that its “great to hear callers and good sports talk instead of “scumbag” this.. and “Bernard Law” that. Others are waiting to see how the show goes for awhile.

ESPN has Knicks/Sixers at 8:00 and Sonics/Warriors at 10:30. FSNE has NE Tailgate at 7:00. (a must-see, even if only for a minute) ATT3 has Patriots Pro Football weekly at 7:30