Sad media note in Chicago, where 37 year old TV sports anchor Darrian Chapman passed away suddenly yesterday of an apparent heart attack while preparing to play hockey. Chapman had local ties, as he was a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Mike Adams made his WWZN morning show debut with former WEEI intern Candy alongside providing sports updates and traffic reports. Reports on the show are mixed. Perhaps it can be chalked up to opening day jitters.

Jim Fenton recaps the Celtics season opener. Rob Bradford noticed Bulls GM Jerry Krause standing outside the locker rooms “throwing around the same sized smile seen after each of his team’s six NBA World Championships.” Mike Fine has the game story from last night, and in his notebook he writes on the subject of Kedrick Brown being placed on the IR: “A player on the IL at the start of the season can come off at any time rather than wait the mandatory five games if placed on the list at any other time.” Interesting. First I’ve heard of that. All other accounts just talk about him missing at least the first five games. (Same with Shaq) Bill Simmons says David Stern for President.

David Pevear has Drew taking care of the Bills. Eric McHugh looks at Drew facing his old team and how others in this game have fared in that situation. Glen Farley has Drew admitting that he took things for granted and what he’s done in this rebirth in Buffalo. McHugh’s notebook focuses on the media horde inundating Belichick with Bledsoe questions. Sal Paolantonio writes about Bledsoe’s revenge. Mark Malone and Merril Hodge look at the Bledsoe/Belichick matchup. John Clayton’s First…and 10 leads with Patriots/Bills. Peter King and Don Banks answer whether the Patriots blew it with Drew Bledsoe. Pete Prisco looks at Bledsoe for CBS Sportsline. Paul Attner says Drew is smiling more now than people have ever seen.