Bill Simmons is moving to Los Angeles and writing for ABC TV. The project is a new Jimmy Kimmel late night show, which launches at midnight on Super Bowl Sunday. Does this mean he’s no longer in the running for the WWZN 10-12 slot?

The Mike Adams Morning show reviews continue to come in. The latest is in response to the blurb from “Jeff” that was posted this morning. “AW” writes:

“Maybe I died and woke up in bizarro world. What I’ve heard from the program the last 2 days can only be described as an abortion of sports radio. I’m not sure how anyone could find ANYTHING redeeming about that show. I’m not kidding when I tell you you can hear better sports radio Sunday mornings on WERS, the Emerson College station. Adams sounds unpolished and as clueless as ever. Did you hear him try and interview Chris Wallace yesterday ? Has he watched a game lately ? Or read a newspaper even ? It’s an abortion, and for you to even hint that the show sounded good makes you sound like a shill. I’d much rather hear Cardinal Law talk to sports trivia and contests to guess the score, which Mike has done both days. And that Candy, she’s just a beacon of journalistic integrity. She really knows her sports and has such amazing broadcasting skills. Truth is, she makes Debbie Robleski sound like Lesley Vissar. The show yesterday made me cringe, made me feel bad for Mike, and made reach for the dial frantically. Most of my sports radio listening friends agreed it was hard to stomach. Yet you chalked it up to opening day jitters. Will you ever criticize that station and call a spade a spade.”

So there it is. Exactly as AW wrote it. Feel free to send in your own thoughts on the show.