Gerry Callahan examines the extreme difference between Brett and the brat. Michael Smith has a really good article on the daunting task that Bill Belichick faces on Sunday…containing Brett Favre and the Packers offense. Michael Felger looks at the Patriots offensive line. Paul Kenyon has a look at rookie Jarvis Green, one of many impressive draft picks from that past three seasons. Alan Greenberg does what he hopes the Patriots don’t…look ahead on the schedule. Rich Thompson has a peek at the Packers massive tight end, Bubba Franks. Three very different notebooks today, in the Herald, Felger looks at the aforementioned Green, and has Terry Glenn saying he doesn’t think the Patriots will be trying to hurt him. In the Globe, Smith has some coy responses from Belichick on the subject of injuries. In the Projo, the focus is on the shifts in the offensive line mix. Leigh Montville throws his weekly picks out there.

Ouch…of all the guys that needed playing time in the preseason to get some experience, to have an injury happen to Kedrick Brown is a blow to the Celtics. Shira Springer has details and reaction in her Celtics notebook. Steve Bulpett has a look at the return to New England for Vin Baker and a couple more minor details and a quote from Brown in this tiny blurb. In the former article, Bulpett also notes that Andy Jick is interested in returning as Celtics PA announcer. No offense to Dave Jageler who filled in last night, but if Jick wants to come back, I would beg Celtics management to bring him back. I still have Jick’s voice bouncing around in my head from the glory days of the ’80’s. Jeff Goldberg also looks at Baker’s return to his home state. Carolyn Thornton looks at a happy-to-be-here Shammond Williams, and gives us some details from the game last night in her notebook.

Dan Shaughnessy tries to incite Red Sox fans with a position-by-position comparison of the Sox with the Angels and Twins. He takes little shots at the fans like “Sox fans whine, ”Why not us?” and “Pathetic, I know. But this is the life of Red Sox fans. To paraphrase Robert F. Kennedy, ”The Red Sox and their fans see things as they are and say `Why?’ The Twins and Angels dream of things that never were and say, `Why not?’ Get over it, Sox fans” Just curious, does Shaughnessy count himself among the “pathetic” Red Sox fans? Gerry Callahan noted this morning on WEEI that of the Twins 94 wins, (Exactly one more than the Sox) only 17 of them came against teams with winning records.

Gordon Edes has details of a possible Fenway renovation. Sean McAdam looks at some GM candidates. Jeff Horrigan reports that Larry Lucchino isn’t really interested in Sandy Alderson. He also reports on Cuban defector Jose Contreras, who will likely be subject to the June draft, leaving him unavailable to the Red Sox. Horrigan also squeezes in word of the Sox interest in hiring former Padres hitting coach Duane Espy. Edes also reports that Alderson doesn’t seem to be really interested in the Sox, either. Was this all just a classic Peter Gammons throw something against the wall and hope it sticks thing?

Kevin Paul Dupont looks at the Bruins on opening night. Jim Baker has a look at the Bruins from their radio announcer Dave Goucher. Douglas Flynn wonders how the team will start after a lousy preseason.

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