Dale and Neumy had Red Sox owner John Henry in studio to talk Red Sox and even take calls from listeners. A lengthy session. Here is a full transcript. Some highlights..He has no idea at this point who the GM will be next year, the Sox are fortunate though to have Lucchino leading the search, through the years he’s kept rankings of GM’s. The final decision will be made by the three of them, Lucchino, Henry and Warner. He has no doubt Theo Epstein will be a GM in his 30’s, perhaps even here, but that might depend on who the next GM is. May in fact keep Port on for a couple years and then have Epstein ready. If random MLB player has big night and Henry emails Theo, he knows exactly who the player is, what his projections are.

A lot has to be done to Fenway. Some can’t wait very long, like replacing the concrete under the seating bowl. That is a $15M expense. They believe internally that Fenway is a landmark for New England, you can’t replace it anymore than you could replace the Eiffel Tower. They have a certain feeling about being at ballpark and standing where Ted Williams stood at the plate. Sometimes take a break from work and stand in batter’s box and think Ted stood here, Ty Cobb stood here, Babe Ruth. Not made a 100% decision to renovate Fenway though.

Dale: If Clemens interested would you be? Henry: That’s tough. Hard to imagine any Yankee in Boston uniform. I’d ask others. How do you two feel? Neumeier: Ability wise, stud pitcher at his age, within framework of your payroll. Roger over Wake, Burk, or Fossum in key game? Damn right I would. Bring him on if fits into budget? Neumy asked listeners if would they would rather see Clemens or Floyd signed (email). Way more said Clemens. Henry thought that was odd because he has image of him as Yankee on the mound. He doesn’t think of him as Red Sox.

Eddie and Jags had former Celtics GM Jan Volk in for a lengthy visit as well. He is among those who feels Cedric Maxwell’s # 31 should be retired. He is part of the Belkin/Bird group looking to bring a team to Charlotte. Nick Cafardo and Pete Brock joined Sean McDonough at Mohegan Sun for the McDonough Group. One of Cafardo’s comments included Terry Glenn has never had a fake injury. The Big Show had Steve Buckley and Levan Reid in with Glen Ordway. The Red Sox were a hot topic, with Cliff Floyd being one of the discussion points. John Henry noted in his chat with Dale and Neumy that he thinks the Yankees will be very interested in Floyd.

Among his mailbag questions, Bill Simmons weighs in on Roger’s possible return. (Hint, he wouldn’t be pleased with it) A bunch more Patriots articles, Glen Farley gives us a Troy Brown update and a full list of Terry Glenn’s incidents while here in New England. Eric McHugh notes that Glenn seems to have found piece in Green Bay. His notebook looks at the Packers banged-up defense and Lawyer Milloy getting fired up. David Pevear also weighs in on Glenn’s return.

Mike Fine says all seems well with the Celtics these days.

Bruins previews continue. Win Bates looks at Captain Joe. Mike Loftus looks at the team as a whole, as well as at Brian Rolston, Glen Murray, and Bryan Berard.