With the Bruins opener tonight, lots of hockey talk was expected on WEEI with the Dale & Neumy show, and they delivered despite the presence of Scott Zolak, in to talk Patriots, who was silent for long stretches of the Bruins talk. (except to say BC played like a high school team last night) Andy Brickley was among the guests previewing the season ahead. Brickley is more optimistic then most of the national press. (Sports Illustrated this week picked the Bruins at # 21 in the NHL) McLaren is holding out simply because he doesn’t want to be here, having seen what happened to Oates, Bourque, and Allison. Unexpectedly, Eddie and Jags on WWZN also had a fair amount of hockey talk, with the agent for Byron Dafoe appearing on the station. Dafoe is awaiting the right situation…doesn’t want to be a backup, will wait for the chance to be a # 1 goaltender, and to be compensated like one. Michael Felger and Fred Smerlas were guests on the big show, and Ron Borges and Tim Fox joined Sean McDonough. One caller suggested putting Manny on waivers and hoping some team takes him. The hosts didn’t disagree or argue with him.

Mike Fine writes about the “stinkbomb” Vin Baker laid last night. Rob Bradford has a couple Celtic items, but also items from the other Boston teams, a couple things of interest not seen anywhere else:

“Some telling images from the Patriots’ locker room following their 26-13 loss in Miami: 1. Linebacker Mike Vrabel answering postgame questions in his suit and tie, but with eyeblack still smeared all over his face; 2. Head coach Bill Belichick huddled with offensive coordinator Charlie Weis in front of Weis’ locker, holding a rare public 15-minute discussion for all to see. 3. Linebacker Larry Izzo instructing a few teammates on the approach they should take when answering media questions.

Two early-season Red Sox trades that were close to being made: 1. Former Spinner Kevin Youkilis for Jeremy Giambi; 2. Brian Daubach for Atlanta second baseman Marcus Giles.

From the Useless Information Deptartment: Not only were two of the newest Celtics, Shammond Williams and Bruno Sundov, drafted back-to-back in the second round of the 1998 NBA Draft, but Vin Baker was picked by Milwaukee with the 8th pick in 1993, one spot ahead of the player he replaced, Rodney Rogers.”

Bill Simmons helps a kid pick a High School yearbook quote. Mick Colageo gives a Bruins preview. Mike Loftus looks at the Bruins season opening road trip. Russ Conway gets in a Bruins preview. Chad Finn rambles about the baseball playoffs. Eric McHugh looks at the MIA Donald Hayes. Hector Longo tries to figure how to get the Patriots defense back on track. Michael Felger serves up a Patriots team report for The Sporting News. Kevin Gray reports that NH native Chris Carpenter might be interested in coming to play for the Red Sox. Rudy Martzke chastises Andy Rooney for his comments on female NFL sideline reporters.