The Herald and Metro-West Daily News websites are just starting to come back up. Michael Felger looks at the Patriots loss. Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column today has a lot on the Dolphins. Had the Patriots won yesterday, King would’ve had a feature in Sports Illustrated this week on them. The Humble one, Ron Hobson writes about yesterday’s loss. Ian Clark says the Patriots are suffering from a memory loss. Del Jones looks at the dearth of black coaches in the NFL.. Hobson’s notebook looks at the defense and Robert Edward’s reunion with his former teammates.

The Mooseman paints Joe Torre as a less-than-gracious loser. Shira Springer looks at Celtic guard Tony Delk. Peter May has a Celtics preview for

John Molori has a few curious items in his Media Blitz for the week. He starts off mentioning the upcoming studio and set change for FSNE’s “New England Sports Tonight” real surprise there, as the show is already a local version of the network’s signature “Best Damn Sports Show Period”. Then Molori spends some time speculating on WWZN’s new programs and who might be involved. He mentions a possible Debbi Wrobleski/Ron Borges pairing for a morning show. Perhaps Borges turn as host of the McDonough Group last Friday was a tryout? If so, let’s hope that idea is shot down quickly. Borges does not possess the smoothness and glibness to be a host of program. Molori then mentions a possible Bill Simmons/Steve Burton midday show. That was a rumor out there months ago, and has been shot down to my satisfaction. Never say never, but I’d be shocked to see that specific pairing. When the additions come to the station’s lineup, things could be shuffled around more drastically than people might think. In addition to giving Wrobleski the backrub, he then does the same for Kristen Mastroianni of channel 5, very effusive in his praise of her, promoting her for a national network job. I’ll say this about 1510, they’ll take any publicity they can get, and anyone who puts out ideas for programs on the station isn’t going to be discouraged from it.

Fox has Giants/Braves at 8:20. ABC has Packers/Bears at 9:00. (Dale Arnold predicts a Terry Glenn injury tonight so that he can’t play Sunday against the Patriots)