The Boston Herald’s website is down this morning, so no links from there yet. Here’s a partial set of links from what’s available so far. Other, smaller websites like the Patriot-Ledger and Lowell Sun don’t update until around noontime usually. Should have a bigger than normal set of afternoon links today.

The day after a Patriots loss, a glory day for certain Globe writers. Predictably, Ron Borges gets to make the “genius” cracks that he loves to make today. He admirably limits himself to two mocking genius references. “We have long ago accepted in these parts that they are geniuses so we do not question them because it seems to upset people when we do.” and then later on: “You may not have any answers to the questions that string of plays caused but a worse thought is that maybe the geniuses don’t either.” Nick Cafardo puts on his “objective reporter” cap and makes none of the comments that he put out there on Sports Final last night, If you believe so strongly in the things you said last night, Nick, why not put them into your article today? (Yes, I know, on Sports Final, he’s paid to give his opinion, while in the Globe, he’s a reporter, and not a columnist) Tom Curran has a much more unbiased story. Alan Greenberg has a closer look at the things that led to the Patriots undoing. The latter two stories probably told you a lot more about the game than the first two did. That’s likely because they weren’t littered with personal agendas. Bob Ryan is a straight shooter as well. Jeff Jacobs makes reference to the geniuses, but has a pretty even-keeled article on the game. Showing his clever mastery of words, catchy phrases and creative streak, Jim Donaldson says the Patriots are feeling the heat. Curran looks at the matchup between Miami defensive coordinator Jim Bates and Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis. Advantage: Bates. Michael Smith looks at the third-down troubles and the play up front.