Eddie and Jags had a mostly sports show this afternoon, talk about the Patriots, Celtics, and Red Sox, even a smattering of Bruins talk. One topic was Manny and Eddie and Jags wanted to know what his stats were against the good teams in the league. They initially speculated that they wouldn’t be very good against the better teams in the league, as he had such a torrid September against bad teams. His stats show otherwise.

Bob Hohler called into the McDonough group this afternoon to report on the Red Sox GM search. Larry Lucchino told reporters this afternoon that they’ve already initiated contact with a couple of candidates for the position. It was mentioned that these ones do have GM experience, and that they are not from any of the teams involved in the playoffs. Pat Gillick of Seattle and Omar Minaya of Montreal were speculated by Hohler as possible candidates. Sean McDonough and Steve Burton want to know why they’re searching at all, when Mike Port has done a tremendous job. (Why are all the Boston media guys in love with him?) Ron Borges was the third member of the panel. Taking heat from Patriots fans as usual. Argument today was whether Antowain Smith is just an average running back. Sean thinks all the backs in the AFC East are better, and most in the league. Borges appears to be a Smith guy…defending Smith the way he knocks Brady.

Mike Fine looks at the point guard spot on the first day of Celtics training camp. Eric McHugh gets in the first Patriots/Dolphins preview. Mark Farinella wonders what has happened to the joy in sports. The Nashua Telegraph has a look at the city’s 1590 AM which does financial news during the day, and sports at night. Achored by former WWZN host Marty Tirrell, the station’s sports lineup is profiled in this piece written by Gary Fitz. Michael Felger hands out first quarter Patriot grades for the Sporting News Website. On the same site, Shira Springer composes a Celtics season preview.