For some reason, Dan Shaughnessy’s column on Pedro today doesn’t offend me nearly as much as Buckley’s yesterday did. I’m not sure why. It contains the obligatory veiled “curse” references, but Dan *almost* seems human in this piece, he tells us what he would do, there’s alot of “I think” references in there. He doesn’t engage in too much hyperbole, just kinda lays it out there, and tells us what he would do and what he thinks about the situation. I think Dan might even be sincere when he says he hopes Pedro stays here forever.

Gordon Edes has a nice piece with former Indians Manager Charlie Manuel. (Who, if Grady Little returns, will likely be here as a coach next year) The major topic of the article is Manny. Some nice insight into Manny’s character and drive here. The Projo (no byline given) lists out the 10 most damaging defeats of the season for the Sox. Jeff Horrigan, Bob Hohler and David Heuschkel file games stories. Hohler’s notebook looks in on Derek Lowe while Horrigan gives us word from Josh Hancock and several other items. Tony Massarotti says shame on you if you thought there was any chance for a miracle finish with this team. Ray Duckler wants NH guy Bob Tewksbury as the Sox pitching coach next year.

Nick Cafardo looks at all the injuries facing the Patriots this week, though at the moment only Andruzzi appears to be in jeopardy of missing the game Sunday. Michael Felger floats the idea that perhaps age is catching up with the defense. Alan Greenberg also frets over the untimely injuries. Hector Longo gets a little critical of the coaching staff. Tom Curran looks at Drew Brees. Mike Reiss says the Patriots need another linebacker, but it may not be easy to find one. Michael Smith’s notebook has Belichick picking Matt Light’s brain for tips on Drew Brees, while Felger gives us what he knows about the injuries in his notebook. Michael Gee chooses to whine about NFL injury reports today. Mark Farinella gives his winter wonderings, listing things he hates…

Michael Muldoon says Chris Wallace has no worries about the Point Guard position on the Celtics. Peter Gelzinis writes about intimidation at the Paul Pierce stabbing trial, while Laurel Sweet reports from the courtroom. Kathleen Burge reports that overzealous cleanup by nightclub employees has hindered the case.

ESPN is going into the HDTV market with its announcement that it plans to provide a high-definition simulcast service of its premier network ESPN to be launched in April of 2003. ESPN HD will include in its first year 100 live telecasts