Rats…I get slammed (indirectly) on WEEI’s Big Show and didn’t even get to hear it. Something about “quasi-journalists who write on the internet, make no money and live in their mother’s basement.” Says that they just don’t understand the business and how the producers book the guests. That they should probably call Brett or Andy to learn about the business and how they book…

Hmmm. First of all, it seems that he may have heard about my comments about Buckley through the grapevine or misunderstood them because it came across as if I had criticized Buckley for regurgitating his column on ‘EEI while really it was the opposite. Buckley took what had been talked about all day on the station, and took five minutes, wrote a column out of it and submitted it to his editor. This is the same guy who can criticize Manny for not running hard, or Pedro for shutting down early? If Buckley had written a controversial column of his own accord and it became a hot topic for conversation on the airwaves, that’s one thing. For him last week to write an article that had already been done, (Yes, I know there’s no copyright on ideas) go over the top with it, and then have it published the same day he had already been booked in advance on WEEI is another thing all together. So here’s what Buckley has done in the last week:

1) Took the article by Tomase, put his own spin on it, and then waited a few days to have it appear in the paper the same day he’s booked on WEEI.

2) Taken the hot topic of yesterday on WEEI (of which he was a participant) and then written a lame column about it today.

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