Ron Borges bites the bullet and writes a piece praising Brady and the Patriots. Still, you know ol’ Ron will be on the radio this week saying everyone is overblowing how good this team is. Bob Ryan is gushing. Steve Buckley writes about Bill Belichick’s Jets experiences and the inner satisfaction he must’ve felt yesterday. Jim Donaldson looks at this underdog thing. Kevin Mannix utters the “D” word (Dynasty) Yikes. Michael Gee looks at just how bad the Jets were yesterday. George Kimball examines the play faking angle by Tom Brady. Game stories are filed by Nick Cafardo for the Globe, Michael Felger for the Herald, Tom Curran for ProJo and Alan Greenberg for the Hartford Courant. Michael Smith looks at the “smother brothers” defense. He also examines the offense. Cafardo’s notebook looks at Ted Johnson, and also the switch in center position yesterday. Felger said that Woody would be back in at center a some point a few weeks ago, and Borges and Cafardo mocked him. Curran looks at Victor Green and Steve Martin’s return to Giants Stadium. The question? Steelers and Jets were supposed to be pretty good…Tebuckey Jones has the right answer. Yesterday’s NY Times had a lengthy feature on ” A changed Dr. Doom“.

From yesterday, John Tomase writes that the Red Sox could trade Nomar this offseason. He also seems to indicate that they *should*. Tony Massarotti looks at Pedro’s quest for 20 wins and another Cy Young. Bob Hohler reports on yesterday’s game. Hohler also has an informative notebook. Sean McAdam says the fans are fading away just like the Red Sox. An interesting column from yesterday, a Stamford Advocate writer criticizes the Boston Media, and contrasts Manny’s actions with David Wells staying out all night and getting beat up, and not being criticized.

An on-air confrontation between “Al from Everett” and “Angry Bill” was part of WEEI’s early morning Patriots programming. You can listen to WEEI programming all day at Callahan though still found time for Manny bashing, mocking those who knock D&C for going overboard with this topic. Dennis still hung on to the 9/11 thing. He insists that Manny was disrespectful and offensive, and that Edes, Massarotti and Holley (all named) are all wrong. Callahan called Dennis’ rant on this the least-contrived thing Dennis has ever said. I still can’t believe that with the stuff they say, these clowns have the gall to call anyone else offensive.

Fox25 has game one of Red Sox/Indians at 1:00. NESN has game two at 7:00. ABC has Eagles/Redskins at 9:00.