Somber, thoughtful talk on sports radio today. Both on WEEI and WWZN there was little to no sports talk. This is to be expected, and perhaps applauded. WWZN trotted a series of guests on the air to remember what they were doing last year on this date. Tony Massarotti joined Eddie and Jags. Chris Wallace, Mike O’Connell, Rusty Staub, and Bert Sugar were among their guests. The McDonough Group (Mike Giardi, Charlie Pierce Kip Lewis) continued the topic, Bob Ryan was among those who called in. Ryan recalled that the first person he talked to on a train after the attacks was a man who told him that he worked in the World Trade Center, and today was the first day he was ever late, as he had overslept. Dale and Neumy and the Big Show (Ordway, Felger, DeOssie) focused more on allowing the callers to express their thoughts. At the beginning of the show, they did manage to tie sports with the event, as Felger recalled talking to Joe Andruzzi the day after the attacks, and how that week changed things in the world and for the Patriots, as the next game with Andruzzi leading the team out on the field, his brothers there, that was also the game Drew got injured, and Brady took over.

Christopher Price has a top ten list from Monday night. The New York Times (registration required if you haven’t before) has an article on the Patriots being the best. From the Standard-Times, Dan Pires has a nice Patriots article. Ron Borges, in his MSNBC persona, feels the need to correct Tom Brady twice. (Brady talks about throwing 25 straight passes, Borges twice makes sure everyone knows it was “only” 23.) Mike Fine with an article on the Red Sox and race, from an interview with Howard Bryant, born in Dorchester, author of