In the last 24 hours I’ve gotten e-mails taking me to task for being too hard on 1) Ron Borges and 2) Dan Shaughnessy. Maybe I am. But it’s always good to hear the other side of the equation, and we all know, you can’t please everyone. Maybe I just need to accept Shaughnessy and Borges and realize they’re not going anywhere. It’s just Shaughnessy being Shaughnessy. Borges being Borges. Buckley being Buckley. Right. I’ll keep that in mind. Don’t be afraid to knock me in an e-mail. I do my best to reply to everyone, and if I’m wrong or off-base, I want to know.

Gerry Callahan gets it today. While the Globies can complain about Belichick, Callahan understands what the Patriots coach has done here with this group. Lenny Megliola also applauds Belichick for making all the right moves. Michael Smith has a look back to Monday and ahead to Sunday. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at Deion Branch. Michael Felger lauds Charlie Weis. Mark Murphy has a story on Patriots Offensive lineman Kenyatta Jones. George Kimball writes about the return of Terrell Buckley. Felger’s Patriots Notebook, has word of Curtis Martin’s condition for Sunday and a Jamal Anderson update. Kevin McNamara has the Pats keeping things in perspective. Bill Reynolds says the Patriots should be America’s team.

Bob Hohler and Jeff Horrigan report from Tampa on last night’s game. Michael Silverman examines John Burkett’s first win in a month and a half. Gordon Edes writes about the umpires watching the Sox and Rays perhaps a little too closely. A couple factual errors in this article. Edes writes in the tenth paragraph:

“In May, suspensions were handed out after incidents involving Sox pitcher Frank Castillo and Devil Rays pitcher Ryan Rupe, not to mention Trot Nixon, who was suspended for flinging his bat in Rupe’s direction after Rupe hit Garciaparra and Nixon”

Nixon wasn’t hit, it was Hillenbrand who was drilled for hitting the grand slam the night before. Edes wording is vague, but you could look at that sentence and get the impression that Rupe was suspended as well, but he wasn’t. This AP article on lays out the facts.

Edes also has a piece on Sox prospect Freddy Sanchez, who made his major league debut last night. Hohler’s notebook has Grady Little lamenting his decision to leave Manny in the game after the incident Monday night. Horrigan’s notebook, focuses on Pedro and his Cy Young chances. Steven Krasner has a pretty scathing indictment of Grady Little, and in fact has another article with Little trying to tell his side of things.

Jim Baker thought Madden and Michaels were great Monday night. Did he miss the horsewagon nonsense? Rudy Martzke of course loved Madden too. Martzke loved when Madden “offered his unique sense of humor when he noted that Patriots coach Bill Belichick stashed the red flag for replay challenges in his sock.” Yeah. Classic TV there.

NESN has Red Sox/Devil Rays at 7:00. (ESPN2 Nationally) ESPN has Dodgers/Giants at 3:30 and Orioles/Yankees at 7:45.