Bob Ryan has the correct take on Manny. The last two paragraphs sum things up nicely. Bill Reynolds is a little harder on him, and Jim Donaldson harder still. Bob Hohler’s game story from last night has Pedro trying to make sense of Manny. Steven Krasner also focuses in on Manny. Jeff Horrigan centers more on Pedro. Gordon Edes weighs in on the umps zero-tolerance policy with the Sox and Rays. Hohler’s notebook looks at the status of the Sox appealing suspensions. Michael Silverman recaps the remembrances of September 11 from the game last night.

Michael Felger and also Tom Curran have stories on Curtis Martin and his views of the Super Bowl champs. Michael Smith looks at how a second game of the season matchup with the Jets last year changed Tom Brady’s life. Steve Conroy, as well as Smith’s notebook check in with Joe Andruzzi. Felger reports on Roman Phifer’s condition in his notebook, while Tom Curran has a little bit of everything in his. Michael Gee reminisces about Johnny Unitas.

With the first on-ice practice session of the season today, Nancy Marrapese-Burrell and Stephen Harris look at the absentees.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in yesterday regarding Borges and Shaughnessy, the response was overwhelming.

FOX25 has Red Sox/Devil Rays at 2:15. ESPN has Marshall/Virginia Tech College football at 7:30. HBO’s Inside the NFL at 8:00 includes a sit-down interview with Tom Brady.