Of course. Ron Borges writes glowingly and self-servingly (is that a word?) about Drew Bledsoe’s performance yesterday. He talks about Bledsoe rolling “right over a very good Jets defense”. Talks about some nice clutch throws Drew made, including the game tying score with 26 seconds left. He uses the performance to take the obligatory shot at Belichick and the Patriots: “Bledsoe did enough yesterday to show he may not be quite the shadow of himself the Patriots’ brain trust concluded he’d become.” I particularly liked that throughout this entire article, Borges does not make ONE reference to the two interceptions that Bledsoe threw yesterday. One of which, even the The Buffalo News called “a poor decision”. If Tom Brady throws even one interception tonight, look for Borges to be all over him. Borges also talks about special teams play being the Bills downfall. How about the Jets giving the ball back to the Bills twice with roughing the kicker penalties? He also lauds Bledsoe for keeping the Bills in the game even though they only won three times last year. Sure the Bills only won three time, but they were in most of those games. By those standards, Bledsoe delivered as much as Alex Van Pelt did for the Bills last year.

Tom Curran looks in-depth at the game tonight, Nick Cafardo also previews the game tonight. Kevin Mannix breaks down the matchups. Michael Gee goes behind enemy lines with the Steelers. In case you missed it, over the weekend, Gee was infected with the Globe’s bash Bill virus. He wrote about Belichick: ” Ruthlessness in the pursuit of victory is good. Ruthlessness for its own sake is disturbing behavior. It also never works. Wasn’t Belichick supposed to have learned that in Cleveland?” Michael Holley waxes about the Patriots/Steelers rivalry. Michael Smith focuses on Richard Seymour. Chad Finn picks a 27-7 Patriots win tonight. Alan Greenberg looks at the Pats chances this upcoming season. Meanwhile, down in Pittsburgh, Ed Bouchette asserts that the Boston media members are fans of the Patriots and has twisted the facts and also everything that the Steelers have said and done to favor the Patriots. Guess Ed doesn’t read the Globe. From yesterday, a terrific article from Tom Curran chronicling in detail the nine plays of the Super Bowl winning drive. However, Borges will tell you that was a “mediocre” drive.

Red Sox? Well, only two things really in the media’s mind with them these days. Manny’s music and Pedro’s health. Dan Shaughnessy predictably handles the former, (he should have actually done more of that match-the-song-to-the-player stuff) and Bob Hohler reports on Pedro. Gordon Edes talks about the recent glut of errors that have hurt the Sox.

ABC has Steelers/Patriots at 9:00, ESPN has Monday Night countdown for the game starting at 7:30. WCVB Channel 5 has a Patriots pregame show at 8:00.ESPN2 has a NFL Films special “Champions and Patriots” at 7:00 (Also on ESPN at 4:00) ESPN Classic this afternoon and until evening will feature programming from both the Patriots and Steelers, with the 1985 Pats at 6:00. the 1996 Pats at 7:00 and a Patriots/Steelers matchup examination at 7:30. Fox25 has Red Sox/Devil Rays at 7:00.