Dale and Neumy broadcast their WEEI midday show from the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston today. Boomer Esiason was among the guests. Surprisingly there was some baseball talk on the program. Eddie and the Jag man talked quite a bit of baseball as well, Eddie still wants Manny out of town. Eddie also picks the Patriots to lose tonight. Thinks they’ll be too pumped up. The usual Vegas guys were trotted on and off the air. WEEI’s Big Show was broadcasting from Foxboro, and consisted of Ordway, Fred Smerlas and Steve Nelson. They focused on football, and had the news at 3:35 that the gates to Gillette Stadium were open early, and that Route One was already backed up with so many people arriving early. The McDonough group had Butch Stearns as host, and Will McDonough and Tim Fox as guests. Dan Pompei and Chris Berman were among their guests. Pompei was questioned about his placement (Brady, Milloy) and exclusion (Troy Brown) of Patriots in his NFL top 100 players list that he put out last week. Pompei said he’s gotten more response over Brown being left off more than any other player. He tried to placate the crew by saying Brown was likely number 101. Berman talked about the big stories of the weekend. (Texans, Drew, Michael Vick, Browns) As for the Patriots, he picked them to repeat, mostly because it was a chance to pick a team no one else picked. Tonight, a great setting, paved parking lots, imagine that. He thinks the Patriots will win, and he’s not saying that just because he’s on Boston, he picked them in the national show too. While talking about Vick, Stearns made the comment that he could not think of any white quarterbacks ever who ran well. The names of Steve Young and Doug Flutie were immediately mentioned by the other members of the show.

Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback looks at yesterday’s action, and picks the Pats for tonight. Ken Rosenthal says Red Sox management should take a wrecking ball to the team. (Trade Nomar and/or Pedro) Ron Jaworski and Sean Salisbury break down tonight’s game plans. John Hassan of ESPN the Magazine goes inside Bill Belichick’s brain. Rudy Martzke scores the NFL shows from yesterday. The Mooseman previews the Patriots for BostonCityBeat Magazine.