Greg Dickerson and Larry Johnson filled in for Dennis and Callahan this morning, and after a segment with the Projo’s Tom Curran, full-fledged football talk broke out. Dickerson wants Bledsoe and the Bills to do well this season. He reasoned that he looks beyond the jerseys and considers the players as humans and its for that reason he wants Bledsoe to do well. A good example of making up your argument for the day just to fit whatever “role” you’re filling on that days’ show. I guess Manny isn’t human, since Dickerson loves to tear the guy apart any chance he gets… Update (noon-ish) Dickerson e-mailed to protest this comment. I was a bit hasty in putting his name to the constant Manny-bashing…for that I apologize. Greg says he’s been a staunch defender of Manny all season.

Steve Buckley goes out on a limb and says if baseball goes on strike, this will be a football town. No doubt a harsh realization for the “baseball dude”. Michael Silverman and Tony Massarotti as well as Bob Hohler have Pedro exuding a quiet confidence that has to be reassuring to Red Sox fans. Hohler also has the story of the Sox Doug Melvin setting up camp at the Expos’ offices to do all he can to make the Floyd deal happen. An interesting read. Massarotti has Mike Port quoted as saying he’d “prefer” not to see the Sox bullpen give up the lead like they did Saturday night.

Shaughnessy attempts a ramblings column. OK, I’ll bite. Walt Coleman merits two mentions, both appear to be Shaughnessy hints to the readers that the Patriots championship is not legitimate. Carl Everett gets a mention, and Ol Dan takes a shot at Ken Burns as well. I guess Shaughnessy didn’t like Burns telling everyone that that the Red Sox “glorious history has been hijacked by those who would tell us that our history is only about loss, about Babe Ruth, Bucky Dent and Buckner’s wobbly wickets…”

You know dog days of camp are here when you’re getting articles galore on individual players. They’re all pretty good. Michael Smith looks at former Jets safety Victor Green. Nick Cafardo visits with J.R. Redmond. Paul Kenyon features Tebucky Jones. Michael Felger goes to Donald Hayes.

ABC has Texans/Giants preseason football tonight at 8:00. John Madden makes his debut alongside Al Michaels. ESPN has Diamondbacks/Mets at 1:00. At 7:30, ESPN Classic is showing 1986 SportsCenter, prior to this year, the last championship year in Boston.