Larry Lucchino made his scheduled appearance on WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan this morning, to accept the congratulations of John and Gerry. Very warm and cuddly. You can bet dollars to doughnuts that if the Sox had failed to make a trade, Lucchino would’ve sent in one of his minions to take his place this morning and face the music. He was asked about conspiracy theory on the Floyd trade and dismissed it as “complete nonsense”. When about who gets sent down when Floyd and Howry show up in Texas, Lucchino says he’ll wait and let Mike Port do that. He’s going to Texas, which would indicate that this isn’t your garden variety move, he will communicate the motivation behind these moves in person. He said to remember that in September they can bring more guys up. If someone did go down that person could come up in September. But Mike has some more unusual approaches to what’s going to happen today. Asked if he would not release someone with a large salary because of a possible strike, (They would have to pay the full salary of a guy released before the strike) Lucchino said that would be a factor. But it’s the depth of a team that matters in August, September, and October. Many times the big blows in pennant races struck by the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th guy on the team.

Michael Gee pulls a Ron Borges and acts a little hot under the collar. He says: “The sport that banned Pete Rose has shakier ethics than a mere compulsive gambler. Rose bet on games. Selig’s crew is rearranging pennant races to suit itself.” He also evokes the name of the Enron chairman. Care to provide a little something called “evidence”, Mike? Phone records? Some sort of tangible evidence? Gordon Edes addresses the topic as well. He makes comparison to the Olympic Ice Dancing scandal. He also says Lucchino “is usually tuned to a different frequency.” Watch it Gordo. Don’t want to get on Lucky’s bad side. Tony Massarotti says management did its job. Edes has the top game story from last night. He also has an article on the Howry trade with plentiful information about other trades the Sox were working on. Jim Donaldson’s article and the title of his article don’t seem to have much to do with each other, especially since the last section talks about fans who will never watch again if there is a strike.

Michael Felger catches up with cult hero long snapper Lonie Paxton. Quite the gig Paxton has going for himself. Felger also submits a much longer and detailed Notebook than his Globe counterpart. Jackie MacMullan submits an article on backup QB Damon Huard. Michael Smith looks at the unheralded Anthony Pleasant, and the considerable asset he is to the team and coaching staff. Sounding like Reggie White, Victor Green tells Karen Guregian that God brought him to New England. Tom Curran profiles Tedy Bruschi. Curran’s Notebook includes quotes from Bill Parcells about the Patriots. Jim Baker also features Parcells.

Christopher Price examines Vin Baker. The Globe reports that the Celtics has offered Walter McCarty a veterans minimum contract. Celtics boards and mailing lists are abuzz over a picture of Antoine Walker from an All Star game in Chicago. Antoine looks incredibly thin in the photo. Is he gearing up to play small forward?

In what may be the wave of the future, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette has restricted access to its online version to paid subscribers only. You can choose to buy the on-line version for 50 cents a day, $1.99 a week or $6.75 a month. If you get the paper delivered to your home, you get access to the online version free. Telegram & Gazette sports writer Ken Powers was on FSNE’s New England Sports Tonight along with Larry Johnson last night and one of the topics they covered was Charlie Weis’ surgery. Powers knows first hand about the procedure, as he had it done himself, in May of 2001. He’s since gone from over 400 lbs to around 250.

Fox25 has Red Sox/Rangers at 8:00. (ATT3 in Western Mass) TBS has Brewers/Braves at 7:30.Former Red Sox outfielder Jimmy Piersall is profiled on SportsCentury on ESPN Classic at 8:00 and 11:00.