WSMN 1590 opened it’s “MT Speakin’ on Sports” show with a report that the Red Sox clubhouse is in total disarray. The honeymoon is over for Grady Little, they have a account of Nomar rolling his eyes and muttering “expletives” under his breath at the manager, and that Grady went to Mike Port complaining that he’s being undermined. The finger pointing has begun in earnest in the clubhouse. At issue is the approach the manager takes with Manny, (doesn’t get after him) as well as allowing Lowe to complain about the strike affecting his performance. It is a cancerous place right now, and Marty Tirrell tells us you can take it to the bank that there are major troubles in there. Their sources are with the Herald, and Tirrell expects a story to run on that very soon. Mark “the bird” Fidrych joined the program after the first segment, he talked labor situation, how the game has changed since he played, both in salary and style, he had 24 or 25 complete games in his rookie year, regularly had pitch counts into the 160’s.