The Celtics have called a 5:00 PM Press Conference. Speculation centers on the proposed deal with Seattle. But who knows – it could be just to introduce Bruno Sundlov to the media. UPDATE Celtics PR man Jeff Twiss confirmed to WWZN that the conference is just to announce the Sundov signing…

WEEI’s Big Show got Celtics GM Chris Wallace and WWZN got Leo Papile. Each said essentially the same thing. Sundov would be a lottery pick had he been in the draft this year. If I recall correctly, they said the same things about Mark Blount. Wallace on WEEI also compared Sundlov situation to Jermaine O’Neal, in only that he hasn’t really had a chance yet. They’ve been following him since ’98. Wallace said he likes working in an intense environment like Boston, where the fans really care about their team. They’re looking for Kedrick Brown to be a big part of the rotation this year. He said that even when Kenny comes off the books next year, they will still be over the cap and unable to sign big ticket free agents. They would actually have to dump 15 Million in Salary to have any chance to sign an impact player. (This to me, might explain going after Vin Baker. They might feel this is their chance to land a big man, to essentially swap Kenny’s salary slot for Baker’s. They will have Baker for four more years at the Max though.)

Somewhere, Dan Shaughnessy is having Heart Palpitations. Glen Stout, who already debunked the so-called “Curse of the Bambino” in his book “Red Sox Century – 100 years of Boston Red Sox Baseball” has a piece on, which is taken from his new book, “Yankee Century – 100 years of New York Yankees Baseball” in which he further tears down the curse, saying: “The Curse” makes a nice, neat story. But as fact, it makes nice fiction. For while “the Curse” is a good hook, it is not very good history.” He goes on to add: “First, it must be said that virtually every assumption that underlies “the Curse” is factually incorrect” (Ouch) The article goes on to discuss the topic and also gives us the interesting information that before Yankee Stadium was built, the Yankees nearly moved to Boston. Imagine that. How come our local baseball historians, Shaughnessy, Gammons and Buckley don’t mention this? Buckley can talk about the 1914 Boston Braves, but doesn’t talk about the possibility of the Yankees being in Boston all these years? Page2 has ten burning questions with Tom Brady, and also on Page2, David Halberstam recalls his first meeting with Ted Williams. The Columbia University website has a clip that is over five minutes long in which “English Professor Michael Seidel, who authored a biography on Ted Williams, describes how Williams entered the majors as a talkative and controversial young player but evolved into an astute observer of the game.” There’s also a link to the John Updike piece “Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu” on the page.